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Fireplace Mesh Screen Replacement

Shown Above: Fireplace mesh curtains in desperate need of replacement.

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Is it time to replace your rusted out bent up fireplace mesh curtains? We can help you with that. We custom make heavy gauge replacement screens to fit your fireplace that will last longer and look better than your original screen. These are not the typical thin gauge mesh curtains found online or at a hardware store. They are the screens that Stone Manufacturing uses to produce their extremely high end fireplace screens made from steel, stainless steel and solid brass, available in a variety of finishes.

Replacement Mesh Example

Shown Above: CFR85 Free Standing Frame Screen with standard 1/4" Weave Black Mesh Curtains (at 50% fullness) with Stiffener Rods and Polished Chrome Round Pulls. The stiffener rods in the center help the mesh hang nicely and open and close more easily. We also sell nice looking tassels/fobs like you see here to compliment your decor. We don't show them on this page, but you can ask about them if you give us a call.

How To Measure for Replacement Curtains

We do not recommend simply measuring your existing fireplace screens because they often are not ideally fitted. Instead, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Measure the width of the fireplace opening. For corner fireplaces, provide the width of each side.
  2. Measure the height by hooking your tape measure over the curtain rod that the screens hang from. Measure down to where you want the screens to hang. If your current screens hang to a good length, just measure to the bottom of your screens. If they do not, measure down to where you would like them to hang.
  3. Email a picture of your fireplace with the subject line "Replacement Fireplace Screen" to our designer at:
  4. We will review your picture and measurements and offer our professional recommendation as to the proper size for your new screens along with a quote.

Recommended Replacement Screen Size

In general, we recommend making the screens 50% larger than the fireplace opening. This will allow the screens to bunch up a little to provide the best spark protection. Once we see your pictures and measurements from the instructions above, we will determine if 50% fullness is best. If not, we will provide a recommended size.

Replacement Fireplace Mesh Pricing

We have a variety of mesh options below made from different materials. The 1/4" weave is the most common and provides ample spark protection with great fire viewing. 3/16" is a tighter weave that provides better spark protection and a more sophisticated look. Solid brass mesh is the most elegant and has a very silky feel to it and opens and closes more easily. Stainless steel is great for a very contemporary look. Both solid brass and stainless steel can be used outdoors and is most often painted black, but can be left in their raw finish to take on a natural patina.

Pricing: The price is calculated based on square footage rounded up to the nearest square foot. There is a minimum price for each type of mesh plus an additional $95.00 cost for fabrication. Here's the formula used to calculate the total square footage with 50% fullness:

(Fireplace Width x 1.5) x Mesh Height (from curtain rod) / 144

Mesh TypePrice/Sq. Ft.Minimum Price
1/4" Black(most popular)$11.00$135.00
3/16" Black$35.00$420.00
1/4" Special Finish*$20.00$240.00
3/16" Special Finish*$45.00$540.00
1/4" Satin Solid Brass$60.00$720.00
1/4" Solid Brass Painted Black$70.00$840.00
1/4" Satin Stainless Steel$60.00$720.00
3/16" Satin Stainless Steel$80.00$960.00
1/4" Stainless Steel Painted Black$70.00$840.00
3/16" Stainless Steel Painted Black$90.00$1080.00
Total Price: Calculate the price above then add $95 for the fabrication cost to get your total price.

*Special Finishes: All of the options above are available in the finishes below. These finishes are heat resistant baked on enamel for added durability. When ordering new fireplace door or screen made by Stone Manufacturing that uses mesh curtains, we will recommend which finish below best compliments the hardware.

  1. High Gloss Black
  2. Antique Pewter
  3. Pewter
  4. Rust
  5. Bright Brass
  6. Olde English
  7. Gold
  8. Antique Brass
  9. Dark Antique Brass
  10. Bright Copper
  11. Antique Copper

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OR...Email your fireplace pictures to: with subject: "Custom Fireplace Screen"

We Ship Anywhere In The USA!