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How To Choose The Right Size Fireplace Screen

Single Panel Screens, Boston Sparkguards, Bowed Screens and Screen Doors

If you want your screen to fit flush against the fireplace opening, it should be made to overlap 1/2" on the top and sides. This provide a good custom finished look. Screens that are not custom made will not fit flush to the opening, but will still provide excellent spark protection as long as they are larger than the fireplace. As a general rule, up to 5" wider on each side may still look acceptable, but just how much larger is a judgement call you will need to make. For small fireplace openings, you may want the screen larger to provide better proportions. Refer to these examples:

Custom Single Panel Fireplace Screen Good FitIdeal Custom Size: 1/2" overlap on the top and sides
Single Panel Fireplace Screen NormalAcceptable: 3" to 5" overlap Each Side
3" to 5" Overlap Top
Single Panel Fireplace Screen Bad FitBad Fit: Does Not Overlap Top
or Does Not Overlap Sides

Folding Screens

For the best fit, we custom make our folding screens to be 25% wider and 3" taller than the opening. The width of the center panel should be 75% of the opening and each side panel should be 25%. This allows the side panels to be folded in at a 45 degree angle, which is the most stable and best look. But folding screens are very forgiving in size, so as long as you choose a screen that is roughly 20% to 50% wider and is taller than the opening, it can still be appropriate. Anything smaller in width will not be stable and can be knocked over easily. The width of the folding screens on our site is the combined width of the center panel and two side panels. Here are examples:

Custom Folding Fireplace Screen FitIdeal Custom Size: 3" to 4" overlap
3" to 4" Overlap Top
Folding  Fireplace Screen FitAcceptable: 3" to 6" overlap Sides
3" to 10" Overlap Top
Folding  Fireplace Screen FitBad Fit: Does not overlap sides
Or Does No Overlap Sides