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Custom Folding Fireplace Screens

Wrought Iron | Solid Brass

Wrought Iron Folding Screens

Folding Screen Shown Above: Carolina Window Pane 3-Fold Screen
Folding Screen Shown Above: Carolina Window Pane 3-Fold Screen

Folding screens are normally made 3" taller than the opening. The center panel is usually 6" less than the fireplace width with 12" wide side panels. Side panels can be as small as 9" for fireplaces less than 36" wide. We can apply any of the above designs to the 3 fold screen frames and they can be made rectangular or arched. So a fireplace measuring 36" W x 28" H would have a custom rectangular folding screen made 31" tall with a 30" wide center panel and 12" wide side panels for a total of 54" when spread out (not including the small gaps between panels). View the Design Specialties Finish Options Here

Surcharge Notice: Due to skyrocketing material costs Design Specialties will add the following surcharges to orders placed after 8/27/2021: Steel Doors (except Carolina) +$200 | Carolina Steel Doors, Aluminum Doors, Custom Screens +$100. This is in addition to prices posted on our website or any prior quote.

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Luxurious Solid Brass And Hand Forged Folding Screens

These screens are all hand crafted by artisans and are the epitome of luxury and quality. Prices range from $2000.00 and up. These are available in a Wide Variety of Finishes and Trims