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Shopping Tip: For the best cooling effect, look for fans with a Breeze Rating of at least 3.5 MPH!

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Ceiling Fan Tip: Ceiling fans that include a light are the most popular type of fan. They are perfect for rooms where you are replacing an overhead light with a ceiling fan. Some fans are bright enough to light an entire room, while others are only meant to provide supplemental lighting. Be sure to check the wattage of the included light fixture before you purchase your fan to ensure it will be sufficient for your needs. If your fan is going outdoors in a damp or wet location, be sure to shop for Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights.

Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans With Lights

#1 Best Ceiling Fan With Lights

If you want a ceiling fan with lights, consider a customizable fan that allows you to choose your lights such as the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco. There are many light fixtures to choose from as well as over 50 different blade styles and finishes, so you can design your fan to fit your space. What's more, this fan has a super efficient Emerson DC EcoMotor, so it is one of the most energy efficient electricity saving ceiling fans on the planet. No joke. This is a high quality fan that runs dead quiet and smooth while it moves lots more air than other fans. It has a lifetime warranty on the motor from a Emerson, company that has been in business for over 100 years! Yes, it is our #! best rated traditional style ceiling fan for a reason. Read more about the Emerson Eco Fans.

Carrera Grande Eco Ceiling Fans With Lights

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#1 Best LED Ceiling Fan

The LED light in this fan puts out 2600 Lumens, which is nearly double the light other LED ceiling fans produce!

OK, so how can we have two #1 best ceiling fans overall? Well, the Emerson Luray Eco is a more recent addition to the Emerson Eco fan line-up using the same high performance components as the Carrera Grande Eco featured above, but in a different body style. If you prefer a more modern look and still want the best fan you can buy, you will be super impressed with the Emerson Luray Eco. We get more complements about how much air this fan moves...and how smooth and quiet the motor runs no matter which of the 6 speeds it is on. It also has the brightest dimmable LED light of any ceiling fan we've seen so far, which puts it over the top. Be sure to check out the Other Emerson Eco Fans that are just as good as this fan.

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The Best 52" Hugger Fan With Lights

The Emerson Curva Sky LED brings a fresh look to the unibody style hugger fan. The sleek slim curvy design is "Sexier" than similarly designed flush mount ceiling fans that appear bulky or heavy looking in a room. Equipped with a remote control that has 6 speeds forward and reverse along with a full range light dimmer, yes the LED is dimmable, the Curva Sky is ideal for average to larger size bedrooms or kitchens that have low ceilings. See More Recommended Best Hugger Fans Here!.

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The Best 44" Hugger Fan With Lights

The Concept II 44 was introduced by Minka Aire over 10 years ago (2004) and was the very first hugger fan with the blades built in to the center of the fan body. The fan industry calls this a unibody hugger fan. The year's the fan got upgraded from a halogen light to a dimmable LED. This unique design rocked the ceiling fan industry when it first came out and it has proven to be one of our all-time best selling ceiling fans. By now, most other fan manufacturers have copied it to some degree (see the fan above), but it is still one of our best recommendations for smaller rooms with low ceilings where you need a fan with light.Read more about the Best Hugger fans here.

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Matthews Donaire

This fan survived hurricane Irma!
(photo supplied by amazed fan owner)

The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Lights

This Fan Survived Hurricane Irma!

Matthews Atlas Donaire: Introduced by Matthews Fan Company in 2016, the Donaire is the ultimate in outdoor ceiling fans. This fan actually survived hurricane Irma when other fans in the neighborhood were demolished. As you can see in the picture, the only damage was that the canopy cover came loose, which was easily put back in place. As one of very few ceiling fans made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, it is made to better to withstand the cruelest punishment mother nature has to offer from wind, sun, rain, moisture and salt air. Although much more costly than the typical steel used in other fans, Marine Grade Stainless Steel is highly resistant to corrosion. The Donaire comes with a remote control and built-in dimmable LED light kit. It also includes a bottom cap that can be installed instead of the light for a super clean look if you don't need light. The Stainless Steel is finished in bronze or brushed stainless, both equally durable.

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Ceiling Fan with the Most Light

Emerson Laclede Eco: Need a ceiling fan that puts out lots of light? Look no further...the Emerson Laclede Eco provides the equivalent of 540 Watts of incandescent light (using just 117 watts), which is more light than any other ceiling fan we've ever seen. It has 4-13 Watt CFL bulbs in the uplight and 5-13 Watt CFL bulbs in the downlight for a total of 117 Watts of Fluorescent light, which is approximately equivalent to 540 Watts of incandescent light. Although the bulbs are not dimmable*, if you need a fan that puts out a lot of light, this is your best choice. The amazement does not stop there...Not only is this fan super bright, it is also super efficient because it has the new DC Emerson ECO Motor which uses 75% less electricity than typical ceiling fans, yet it produces even more airflow. This is a real bright idea and one of the best ceiling fans ever made! View More Emerson Eco Fans Here!

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The Best Energy Star Ceiling Fan with Lights

Upgraded in 2018 to include an integrated dimmable LED light.

Emerson Midway Eco: DC ceiling fans were introduced into the market by Emerson and this was the first DC motor ceiling fan they made. The precursor of the Carrera Grande Eco featured above, Emerson Eco Fans represent some of the most efficient modern ceiling fans on the planet. These super efficient fans feature a futuristic DC motor that is up to 350% more efficient than typical ceiling fans and the Midway Eco model is also Energy Star qualified. DC motors connect to your AC power, but have permanent electromagnets. The little electricity they use is for the electronics that control the fan speeds and light. This year, Emerson changed out the non-dimmable fluorescent light kit and introduced their latest dimmable LED technology, so the fan is better than ever. Even though this fan is EnergyStar qualified, it far exceeds the minimal requirements necessary to meet the EnergyStar standard. There are several Eco Fans to choose from, each of which represent our #1 picks among the best ceiling fans you can buy. This fan was also awarded "Most Efficient 2014" by the U.S. Government Energy Star program. View More Emerson Eco Fans Here!

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About Ceiling Fans With Lights

Where can ceiling fans with lights be installed?

There are fans with lights made for almost any room including your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other room. There are even Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights for both covered (damp) and uncovered (wet) locations.

Why don't ceiling fans put out much light any more?

One of the most common questions people ask about ceiling fans is "Which ceiling fan provides the most light?". People are asking this question because they are increasingly unsatisfied with the light output of ceiling fans nowadays. What happened to the good old 5-light fixture that gave you 300 Watts of light? What happened to the basic 4-light kit that had 60 Watt Standard Medium base sockets? Why have they been replaced with 40 watt candelabra bulbs!

Well, here's the answer in a nutshell: The masterminds running our wonderful Federal Environmental Protection Agency have decided that ceiling fans waste energy! What? You heard can read all about it here: According to the EPA, ceiling fans are to be used for cooling a room, not as a primary source of light, even though many people replace the main overhead light in their room with a ceiling fan. Go Figure! So the EPA now regulates how much energy a ceiling fan's light fixture is allowed to use, which is a maximum of 190 watts...nearly half as much light as we used to be able to get out of a fan.

Ceiling Fans With Lights - EPA Legislation and Regulations

Here's what you need to know about ceiling fans with lights:

Over the last several years the EPA has rolled out legislation that regulates ceiling fans with lights. Briefly, this legislation mandates that ceiling fan light fixtures do not use more than 190 watts of electricity and that there be a mechanism in place that does not allow any ceiling fan with lights to operate beyond this wattage either by having a limiter or fuse installed in the light fixture or fan (*read loophole below). It is also now illegal to sell ceiling fans in the USA that use standard medium base sockets unless CFL bulbs are included with the fixture. Ceiling fan light fixtures for the most part must now use candelabra base bulbs, halogen bulbs, Fluorescent bulbs or LEDs. Gone are the days when a ceiling fan could provide enough light for an entire room with 5 light fixtures that used 60 watt incandescent bulbs for up to 300 watts of dimmable light. As a matter of fact, the DOE has stated that ceiling fans are NOT to be considered the primary source of light in a room. This is an unfortunate assumption since it is still quite common to replace a central primary overhead light source with a ceiling fan that has lights.

Not only are ceiling fan lights less bright now, in cases where CFL bulbs are used, they are not dimmable. Even though CFL bulb makers are now producing dimmable bulbs, they are not yet perfected and not recommended for use in ceiling fans due to their sensitivity to vibration. So be careful to take note of the type of bulbs used in a ceiling fan light as well as the wattage. CFL bulbs will use about 1/3 the wattage as incandescent bulbs, which is great for energy conservation but not so great if you do not like the look and feel of fluorescent lighting and you want to control your light with a dimmer. You can assume that a 26 watt CFL is about as bright as a 60 watt incandescent bulb and a 13 watt CFL is a little less bright than a single 40 watt incandescent bulb. So a 4 light fixture that has 13 Watt CFL bulbs will still provide pretty good lighting, just not the warm light you are used to with incandescent bulbs. Halogen lights seem to put out about the same or slightly more light than the equivalent incandescent, so a 100 Watt halogen is about the same as a 100 watt incandescent...although because of the color of the light it appears brighter. LED bulbs are the most energy efficient but still have a ways to go before they can produce enough lumens to equal good ol' incandescent bulbs.

*Loophole: Currently there is a loophole in the legislation that does not require manufacturers to include a 190 watt limiter in ceiling fans with lights that have medium base sockets and include CFL bulbs. So some manufacturers have taken advantage of this and simply included CFL bulbs with their old original ceiling fan light fixtures. The EPA plans to close this loophole in subsequent legislation that is currently in the planning stages. Since medium base incandescent bulbs still produce the warmest and most natural light, keep this in mind because you can still swap out the bulbs for standard incandescent bulbs if the light fixture has medium base sockets, at least for the near future.

Comparing Airflow Is Also Important

When comparing ceiling fans with lights it is also important to consider how much airflow each ceiling fan is capable of generating. Not all ceiling fans are created equal. Less expensive fans usually have smaller less powerful motors that do not move very much air. Airflow for ceiling fans is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute of air). The higher the CFM, the more cooling effect a fan will produce...and the more energy you will save on your air conditioning. For more information about CFM and comparing the performance of ceiling fans, read this page: Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans? The Online Guide to Comparing Ceiling Fans

Talk to a Ceiling Fan Expert!t

Because there is so much to consider when shopping for an outdoor ceiling fan, we recommend that you simply call and talk to one of our ceiling fan experts. We will be able to tell you the difference between each of the outdoor fans on our site and help you choose the best fan for your application.

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