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G52 Ratiant Fyre Gas Log Burner

The G52 burner system is the most advanced vented gas log burner from R. H. Peterson and features enticing dancing flames and more heat than a typical vented gas log. The specially formulated fiber enhanced refractory ceramic logs designed specifically for this burner sit atop a unique stainless steel booster grid. The extreme heat build-up on the interior portion of the logs in this configuration causes them to glow more like a real wood fire and radiate extra heat into the room.

Here are more features of this burner:

  • Dual-tiered byrner system creates robust fire with dancing flames
  • Uses less BTUs while radiating more heat and higher flames
  • Hidden controls are positioned under the burner allowing you to install a larger log set in your fireplace
  • Can be configured for Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Same size burner is used for 18" and 20" logs and for 24" and 30" logs.
  • Compatible with the new fiber enhanced ceramic refractory logs shown below
  • Choose from the latest most advanced gas log control options

Installation Manuals

G52 Compatible Log Sets

Control Options

The G52 burner comes with the full range of control options below, all of which require minimal clearance to the fireplace sidewalls, which allows you to use a larger log set than typical gas log burners.

  • Match Light: No Pilot - Non Remote
  • SPK: Manual Pilot - Non Remote
  • APK-17: Adjustable Flame Remote
  • EPK-02: Electronic Ignition On/Off Remote
  • EPK-2VT: Electronic Ignition Variable Flame Remote

G52 Burner Specifications

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