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Fireplace Glass - Peterson Fyre Glass, Fyre Gems and Burners

R. H. Peterson Burning Glass

Shown in picture: Peterson Fyre Glass - Azuria Blue Glass Crystals

Peterson Fyre Glass

Peterson Fyre Gems

About Peterson Fyre Glass and Fyre Gems

R. H. Peterson is the oldest gas log manufacturer in the United States and has been in business since 1949. They are proud to employ over 200 workers as one of the only such manufacturers still making their products here in the USA. In addition to gas logs, they offer the best selection and highest quality glass fires on the market. Their exclusive burners, designed specifically for glass fires, create dancing flames that make the glass sparkel and shimmer like none other. Read more about Peterson.

Peterson offers 2 different types of glass for their fires; Fyre Glass and Fyre Gems. Fyre Glass, sometimes referred to as glass crystals or cracked glass, is made from fractured tempered glass that has been specially treated for extra durability. Some of the Fyre Glass colors are called "Reflective", which means they are are more mirror like. The Reflective glass will sparkle and shimmer the most. Fyre Gems are a smooth rounded shape made from molten glass, creating an alternative look. Mixing about 50% regular glass (and or gems) along with about 50% reflective glass seems to give the best look because the regular glass or gems show more color while the fire is off and the reflective glass adds more sparkle when the fire is lit.

Our professionals are here to help you determine the correct size burner for your fireplace and how much glass is needed to either fill just the burner, or your entire fireplace. We take all orders for burners and glass over the phone to ensure you get what you need. When you call us, you can mix and match Fyre Glass and Fyre Gems to create your own unique setup. Most of our customers have found that filling in the entire fireplace bottom with about 2" of glass gives the best look, although some will buy just enough glass to fill in the burner in order to save on cost. You can always buy more glass if you are not happy with the unfilled look.

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