Who Makes the Best Gas Logs?

By: Greg Tillotson
Gas Log Expert & Webmaster for Hansen Wholesale

Answer: The Robert H. Peterson Company makes the best gas logs.

The Ultimate Fireplace Gas Log
Picture of The Best Gas Logs - American Oak by R. H. Peterson
Pictured above: Charred Oak Gas Logs with G31 Burner

The Real Fyre Charred Oak logs from R. H. Peterson are the best looking gas logs according to our customers as this set has been our best seller by a long shot for the last several years. In 2016, Peterson introduced a new burner system (the G31 3-Tier burner) that makes this log set look even better than before while using less gas. Peterson has many different burners that can be used with each of their log sets and the G31 is their latest innovation.

The G31 is a 3-Tier burner system that has 3 burner tubes that direct the flame more efficiently to where you want to see it, so it uses less gas than other vented gas log burners yet produces a more realistic fire. See all Peterson Logs Available with the G31 Burner here.

It also has the control valve tucked neatly away underneath the back side of the burner, which removes the unsightly mechanism from view that most gas logs have sitting off to the side. The tailored compact design of this burner allows it to fit more comfortably into your fireplace so you can use larger logs than with some other burners.

There are several G31 burner options to choose from, each with their own price point and method of lighting the fire: Match Light (least expensive), On/Off Manual Control with a Safety Pilot, On/Off Remote Control, Remote Control with the ability to adjust the flame height (variable flame), Electronic Ignition with an On/Off Remote and a 110 Volt hard wired Electronic Ignition system with a variable flame remote (most expensive). The Electronic Ignition systems save even more gas because they do not have a pilot that stays lit when the fire is off.

The Charred Oak gas logs are available with a number of other burner systems as well in sizes from 18" to 30"

See More Details Here!

Although I am now the webmaster here at Hansen Wholesale, I've been in the fireplace business for over 30 years...and some time ago I was a Gas Log installer. So I have a unique perspective on Gas Logs that I can share directly with you.

When I first got into the fireplace retail business, I started out as a salesman in a local mom and pop fireplace shop where I also performed installations for all of the Gas Logs and Fireplace doors that were sold. Over the years, I installed thousands of gas log sets from various brands, and from an installer's perspective, Peterson Gas Logs were by far the easiest to install. But more importantly, they simply looked better when my job was done. Amidst the other brands I had to deal with, I always looked forward to those appointments where I was installing Peterson logs. I knew that the installation would take half the time, and that our customer would be completely happy with the way their logs looked...and burned.

Selling gas logs on the Internet is much trickier than in a retail store, because you (the consumer) may not have access to a local installer like me who knows the little tricks of the trade that are sometimes necessary to make lesser brands of gas logs look half-way decent when they are installed. In order to reduce our risk of having dissatisfied customers, we decided to sell only Peterson logs on this website simply because they are the best.

Here are more reasons that we consider Peterson Gas Logs to be the best.

R. H. Peterson makes their gas logs right here in the good ol' USA, and they have been doing so since 1949. They are in fact the oldest gas log manufacturer in the country and have been making their top quality fireplace logs for over 60 years.

Although how long a company has been around does not by itself make them the best, it certainly gives them an advantage, particularly if they put their experience to use and do not sit on their laurels. The Peterson company does not take for granted the fact that they are the industry leader, they work endlessly to maintain that status. Their R&D department is constantly experimenting with and developing new technologies, particularly when it comes to new and innovative burner designs and remote controlled safety pilots.

When it comes to creating log styles, Peterson is relentless in their efforts. Even though they already have nearly twice as many log styles to choose from than any other brand, they continue to create new molds every year in an effort to further broaden the selection of wood replications that they offer. Their artists are continually perfecting their craft and create richer, more detailed logs every year. Replicating the natural essence of each piece of wood is a unique artistic talent. Casting each log so that it retains the detail of the original work year after year is the pride of their factory.

Peterson offers more sizes of gas logs than any other company as well, with gas logs as small as 12" wide for tiny fireplaces...up to 60" wide for huge lodge style fireplaces. They have special 16" and 19" gas log sets that are only 9" deep for exceptionally shallow fireplaces, and massive full round logs that work in fireplaces with rather tall openings.

When it comes to convenience and performance features, no one offers more control options than R. H. Peterson. There are match light burners, wall controls, on/off remote control systems, remote controls that will adjust the height of the flame, controls with timers and thermostats...you name it, Peterson makes it. And since they produce such a high volume of gas logs with various control options, the most sophisticated options are often times less expensive than the average models from other brands.

Durability is not an issue with Peterson logs. Each log is hand crafted from their own proprietary mixture of kiln-fired clays and reinforced with steel rods to guarantee less chipping and breaking. Because their logs are ceramic, they will radiate more heat into your room and will "Not Crack and Crumble" like other brands.

Keep in mind that many gas log manufacturers use ordinary non-reinforced cement to make their logs because it is substantially cheaper. However, logs made of these materials cannot be molded with as great of detail...but ever worse, such logs will start to crack and crumble, sometimes after being used just a few times. Lower grade cement or refractory cement Logs are commonly sold at home centers and department stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. Some of the more respectable brands such as Hargrove and Rasmussen do use a clay mixture, but nothing compares to the mixture of superior refractory ceramics formulated by Peterson.

Read more about Peterson Logs Here!

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