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G46 Advantage Gas Log Burner

G46 Burner shown with optional SPK-26 Safety Pilot

The G46 has a "Tapered Shape" that conforms better to the inside of most fireplaces. This allows you to use wider logs than a traditional pan style burner. If you want a gas log set with a remote control system, the G46 is a better choice because the safety pilot is attached more towards the back of the burner, which reduces the required clearance by more than half compared to other burners where the pilot is attached directly to the side. This reduced clearance allows you to use a larger set of logs in your fireplace.

In most cases, adding a remote control valve to a gas log requires an additional clearance of about 8" to 10" on each side of the burner (that's 16" to 20" less in width your logs must be). This clearance is necessary in order to allow enough air around the burner system to keep it cool...otherwise it can overheat and melt the inner workings of the pilot valve (leaving you with an expensive repair or replacement). Allowing for the proper clearance means that your log set ends up being much smaller than you might desire. This is not the case with the G46 Advantage Burner System from R. H. Peterson!

Burner Type

The G46 incorporates a "Triple T" burner system, which maximizes the flame both coming up through the logs as well as the flames that produce the glowing bed of embers beneath. Triple T burners have an extra burner that "Ts" off the main burner and goes beneath the front log where all of the glowing embers are, so you get a much nicer bed of glowing embers as well as an ample amount of flame coming up and around the logs.


The G46 burner is ANSI approved, so it is legal to install virtually anywhere in the USA!

ANSI Certified Valves

Peterson G46 ANSI Burners


Available Sizes: 18", 20", 24", 30"

Downside: Sizes are limited from 18" to 30", so for larger fireplaces, you should go with the G45 burner system instead. You cannot purchase a G46 burner without a safety pilot, so if you want a match light system, stick with the G45 or G4 as described below. The G46 burner is not available for see-thru fireplaces, but there would be no advantage to such an application anyway.

Control Options

Each of the available control options has the same reduced clearance, so adding a remote control does not require using smaller logs, which is what truly makes this burner the best choice if you want a remote control!

  • Match Light: No Pilot - Non Remote
  • SPK: Manual Pilot - Non Remote
  • G46-APK-11: Basic Remote Pilot
  • G46-APK-15: Adjustable Flame Remote
  • G46-APK-17: Adjustable Flame Remote
  • G46-EPK-02: Electronic Ignition Remote

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