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How Gas Logs with Electronic Ignition Compare to Gas Logs with a Safety Pilot

Electronic Ignition eliminates the wasted fuel of a standing pilot while providing better safety protection. Most new gas appliances (driers, hot water heaters and forced air systems) are actually required to be manufactured with electronic ignition systems because of the annual fuel savings. Gas logs are an exception, at least for the time being.

An electronic ingnition system for a gas log is roughly $390 more than a standard manual safety pilot and about $150 more than a basic on/off remote safety pilot. So the big question it actually worth it? Will the amount of gas it saves actually cover the cost of the upgrade?

Your actual cost savings depends greatly on how many days out of the year you would normally leave a safety pilot burning and how much you pay for your gas. The calculator below allows you to enter in your own numbers so that you can actually calculate the expected savings based on "Your" expected usage and fuel...and ultimately be able to make an educated buying decision.

The calculator below is preset to assume that you will never turn off your safety pilot (because many people simply don't) and uses national averages for fuel costs. You can change these numbers to calculate your actual cost.

How many years will it take for
Electronic Ignition to pay for itself?

(Change days pilot is left on and your local fuel costs to calculate for your actual use)
Results show here...
Days per year pilot is left on: (days)
Cost per Therm of Natural Gas: (national average is 1.368)
Cost per Gallon of Liquid Propane: (national average is 2.536)

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Results show here...

Resource for average fuel costs:
DOE Heating Fuel Comparisons

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