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Standard and See Thru Gas Logs

Standard Gas Logs

Standard Gas Logs

Standard gas logs are typical single sided fireplaces

Standard Gas Logs
Standard or See Through Gas Logs

Standard -vs- See Thru

Not sure which one to buy? Read more about the differences between Standard and See Thru gas logs on our Gas Log FAQ's page using the link below

Standard -vs- See Thru
See Through Gas Logs

See Through Gas Logs

See Thru gas logs for double sided firelpaces

See Thru Gas Logs

What's the difference between standard and see through (see-thru) gas logs?

Standard gas logs are made to be seen from the front and sides only where as see thru gas logs are made to be viewed from all sides. Standard log sets have a burner and grate that us usually tapered to better fit a normal fireplace (narrower in back and wider in front). The flames and ember bed are in the middle and front of the logs. The rear log may or may not have visible detail on the back side since it is not meant to be seen from behind. See thru log sets have a more sophisticated burner that produces flames and glowing embers that come up on both the front and back sides as well as in the middle of the log set. The two bottom logs are the same size and have the same details so they look good from both the front and back side. The grate is not tapered and is the same width on both front and back.

Which Should I Choose?

Standard gas logs are made for typical fireplaces that are only visible from the front side. See Thru gas logs are made for double sided fireplaces that are open on both the front and back side. For other fireplace shapes: L-shaped fireplaces would a standard gas log set.. U-shaped fireplaces would use a standard log set if there are 2 short sides and one long side. If there are 2 long sides and one short side (this is called a peninsula fireplace), you would choose a See Thru gas log. For 4 sided fireplaces choose a see thru gas log.

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