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Fireplace Installation Manuals

Important Note: Not all prefabricated fireplaces are approved for gas logs!

Before you purchase gas logs, you must determine if your fireplace is approved for vented gas logs, vent free gas logs, both or neither. In order to make that determination, you will need to refer to the owners manual where it will tell you explicitly what is approved. No mention of approval means it is NOT approved. If you do not have a copy of your fireplace owners manual, you may be able to download it from our archive of fireplace installation manuals below that we have compiled over the years. Hopefully you can find your manual here and determine what type of gas logs it is approved for.

Vented Gas Logs: Vented gas logs are typically referred to as a "Decorative Gas Appliance". You will find that most prefab fireplaces are approved for vented gas logs, but may have specific limitations for their use such as a requirement for an "automatic shutoff", which means you will be required to have a safety pilot or electronic ignition system...not a match-light system.

Ventless Gas Logs: Ventless gas logs are NOT referred to as a decorative gas appliance but rather as an "unvented heater", "ventless heater" or some other similar use of the words ventless, vent free or unvented. If the manual does not explicitly say it is approved for a ventless appliance in whatever terms it uses, then it is NOT approved for use with ventless gas logs.

Get Help: If you cannot locate the manual for your fireplace, call us at 1-800-201-1193 or email some pictures of your fireplace along with the brand name and model number. There should be a label inside your fireplace somewhere close to the opening on either side or at the top where you can find that info. Please be sure to include a legible picture of that label and I will see if I can locate a manual for it and add it to this archive. Email your pictures to:

Marco fireplaces

Marco Fireplaces: Marco wood burning fireplaces are approved for vented gas logs only, they are NOT approved for ventless gas logs. Finding an owners manual for a Marco fireplace is quite difficult because they went out of business years ago and were bought out by Lennox, who purchased their assets but discontinued manufacturing of the brand.

Heatilator Fireplaces

Choose Model:

If you cannot find your model in the above list, visit the: Heatilator website here!

Desa Fireplaces

DESA Gas Fireplaces: DESA Woodburning Fireplaces:

Desa international filed bankruptcy in December 2008 and is no longer in business. The dropdown menus below link to, which is an information site for products manufactured by Desa prior to 2009. Please be aware that most DESA fireplaces require a specific DESA hood to be installed in order to accommodate vent free gas logs. These hoods are no longer available, so if you have a DESA fireplace and it does not already have the hood installed, then you CANNOT use ventless gas logs...although vented gas logs may still be approved. For further info about DESA visit:

Other Fireplace Brands

  1. Cedar Ridge 200028-01A
  2. DESA b36i
  3. DESA FBST VentFree
  4. DESA m36e
  5. DESA vfb42nc1
  7. FMI 36E 36EC
  8. Heat-N-Glo 386 900N
  9. Heat-N-Glo RSW-41 RSW-47
  10. Heatilator BF36 BF36X
  11. Heatilator EC-Fireplaces
  12. Heatilator HF36A
  13. Heatilator MARK 123
  14. Intertherm BM36HCII
  15. Lennox LBR LBC
  16. Majestic 53D9041 B36LA B36RA
  17. Majestic 61D0008 BWB Rev 3
  18. Majestic 71D0531 VF VFR 8
  19. Majestic BR BC 36 42
  20. Majestic C36R C36L
  21. Majestic CBC36
  22. Majestic CR36L R
  23. Majestic L
  24. Majestic L28 36 42A L36 42AR L36 42AL
  25. Majestic L36A
  26. Majestic MBC
  27. Majestic MBC36 M F 7412219 384
  28. Majestic MBU MBUC
  29. Majestic MEC
  30. Majestic MHC
  31. Majestic MR42 MRC42-2
  32. Majestic MR MRC
  1. Majestic MSF
  2. Majestic MST MSF
  3. Majestic M MD
  4. Majestic R36 RC36
  5. Majestic R RC MR MRC
  6. Majestic SH36
  7. Majestic SH42
  8. Majestic SH48
  9. Majestic SHR
  10. Majestic SHR36 42 48
  11. Majestic SR SC
  12. Majestic STR CVR
  13. Majestic UV36
  14. Majestic UVS33 UVS36
  15. Majestic UVSTR36
  16. Majestic VFR32 VF(R)32C R VF(R)32C TB 4C LR
  17. Majestic vl18
  18. Majestic WM36A-MH MobileHomeApproved
  19. Majestic WM36A USA
  20. Majestic WM36 42SX
  21. Majestic WM36 WMR36
  22. Majestic WM42HT S D
  23. Majestic WM42SX-S D
  24. Majestic WMII-42AS D
  25. Majestic WMII-42S D
  26. Marco DWF36F-3 DWF36GO-3
  27. Marco 792774-5-6-9-D B36-CF-HC-HCI-CFI
  28. Marco A41M 792870-71-72
  29. Marco C41CF 792848 49 50
  30. MARCO DWF36
  31. Martin BW4245A
  32. Martin SA42 SC42
  1. Monessen GCUF& GCRF
  2. Monessen 20014528 WR WC 3
  3. Monessen 53D9035 HWB600 REV 1
  4. Monessen 53D9036 HWB700 REV 1
  5. Monessen 53D9037 HWB800HB REV 1
  6. Monessen 53D9051 624WBCLCR REV 1
  7. Monessen 53D9052 624WBPF 2
  8. Monessen 61D0006 BWB Monessen Rev 2
  9. Monessen 7412944 BR BC 27
  10. Monessen 87D0174 SSTB11 4
  11. Monessen 87D1500 BR BC400 500 2
  12. Monessen 87D1504 CWC 4
  13. Monessen 87D1505 M400BFC 3
  14. Monessen 87D1506 424WBST 2
  15. Preway B1128B B136B B142B
  16. Skytech 1001
  17. Superior BCF-3885
  18. Superior BR-42, BRI-42, BR-42-2, BC-42, BCI-42, BC-42-2
  19. Superior RD
  20. Superior UVFR500
  21. Superior DVR-5 Series
  22. True Heat TH28 TH36 TH42
  23. VermontCastings 2050
  24. VermontCastings EWF30 20008662 Rev6
  25. VermontCastings MONN1143 VC Sequoia V02 02
  26. VermontCastings MONN1147 StrattonV01 04
  27. White Mountain VFYM Gas Logs