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D1-30 Real Fyre Direct Vent
Gas Fireplace Insert by R. H. Peterson
Who Makes The Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert?

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R. H. Peterson Real Fyre D1-30 direct vent gas fireplace shown with plain black 3-sided surround and wrought iron screen
Shown with 3-sided surround and wrought iron screen

R. H. Peterson introduces what they claim to be the best gas direct vent fireplace insert on the market. Known for making the most realistic vented and vent-free gas logs for over half a century, Peterson has incorporated their unsurpased realistic gas logs into a super heat efficient direct vent gas insert. Now you can now enjoy the heat efficiency of the most popular direct vent technology along with the beauty of a Real Fyre gas log. Orders from the first production run are being taken on a limited basis as they have not yet ramped up for high volume production. So if you want to be one of the first to own the best gas fireplace insert on the market, be sure to place your order right away!

What is the difference between a direct vent gas fireplace and a typical vented or unvented (vent-free) gas log?

Direct vent gas fireplaces are the ultimate choice when you need heat! The direct vent firebox has a burner system and logs that are surrounded by a hollow area. Room air is drawn into the hollow area around the combustion chamber by a circulating fan. The air is heated and then blown back into the room, so the room air continues to get warmer and warmer as it is cycled through the system. The air from your room never comes in direct contact with the fire, so there is no exhaust or fumes coming into the house. This makes the direct vent gas fireplace system is an extremely efficient heat source.

How does the venting work?

Direct vent fireplaces use a unique technology that incorporates a dual venting system. The firebox itself is closed off to the room with an air-tight glass front that is covered by a protective flat wire mesh (so you don't burn yourself on the hot glass). 2 flexible vents connected to 2 holes in the top of the firebox. The venting is run all the way to the top of the chimney and held in place with a special cap. One of the vents draws fresh air down the chimney to feed the gas fire while the other vent gets rid of the exhaust up the chimney. Unlike burning a real wood fire or natural vent gas fireplace, the sealed combustion system prevents the fire from drawing hot air out of your home and sucking in cold air to replace it. The venting needed is an inexpensive flexible aluminum vent very similar to what is used to vent a dryer. We do not supply the venting since you can pick it up from a local supplier.

To Order Call: 1-800-201-1193


Model# Description MSRP Sale Price
D1-30-31N Real Fyre Natural Gas Direct Vent Insert (Required Selection) $2450.00 $2205.00
D1-30-31P Real Fyre Liquid Propane Gas Direct Vent Insert $2450.00 $2205.00
FIREBOX LINER CHOICES (Required Selection)
Includes top, rear, side and floor pieces
D1-30-1H Herringbone Firebox Liner $175.00 $157.50
D1-30-1B Boston Buff Traditional Firebox Liner $175.00 $157.50
LOG CHOICES (Required Selection)
D1-30-2A Burnt American Oak Logs (hand painted 6 log set w/ burnt end details) $375.00 $337.50
SURROUND CHOICES (Required Selection)
D1-30-4A 3-Sided Small $150.00 $135.00
D1-30-4B 3-Sided Medium $175.00 $157.50
D1-30-4C 3-Sided Large $200.00 $180.00
D1-30-4M 3-Sided Small $175.00 $157.50
D1-30-4N 4-Sided Small $200.00 $180.00
ACCESSORIES (optional)
D1-30-3W Decorative Wrought Iron Screen $300.00 $270.00
D1-31-LP30 Gas Conversion Kit (Nat to LP) $85.00 $76.50
D1-31-NAT30 Gas Conversion Kit (LP to Nat) $85.00 $76.50
(conversion kits are not necessary upon initial installation...only if you need to change your gas type later)

D1-30 shown with plain black 3-sided surround

R. H. Peterson Real Fyre D1-30 direct vent gas fireplace details

R. H. Peterson Real Fyre D1-30 direct vent gas fireplace standard features
Standard Features

R. H. Peterson Real Fyre D1-30 direct vent gas fireplace options

R. H. Peterson Real Fyre D1-30 direct vent gas fireplace venting and installation specifications
Venting and Installation Specs

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