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FREE Gas Log Design Service

We Guarantee Your Gas Logs Will Fit If You Follow These Instructions*

*If you follow the instructions on this page and send us the proper measurements, we guarantee that the gas logs we recommend will fit your fireplace. If we make a mistake and your gas logs don't fit, we will handle the return and send you the correct size logs at our expense.


  1. Email pictures of your fireplace to: with subject "Gas Log Help".
  2. Include Measurements: Front Width x Back Width x Depth x Height (see instructions below)
    If you are unsure how to measure, we will explain once we see your fireplace.
  3. Include Phone Number: Our experts will call you to discuss your project.
  4. Include Details: Tell us what you want or any preferences you have.

Once we receive your pictures and measurements, our gas log experts will be able to determine which burner systems and controls will work in your fireplace and help you choose the right logs for your application.

Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry Fireplaces: Measure as indicated

Prefab Fireplaces

Prefab Fireplaces: Measure the "usable" space inside the fireplace indicated by the Red Arrows not the actual metal opening (yellow arrows). The width is between the inner walls and the height is to lowest black metal inside the fireplace.

Example of a Common Mistake

This see through fireplace measures 33" across. Common sense says that a 24" log set would fit comfortably in the center of the fireplace. Yet the manual safety pilot that was chosen by this customer extends 7" on the right side and prevents the burner from being centered. In this case, an 18" burner would have been the proper choice. Every fireplace is different and there are many issues like this only a seasoned gas log expert would know to look for. Be sure to use our Free Design Service to avoid a costly mistake.

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