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Rasmussen Evening Prestige Gas Logs (EPR)

Rasmussen Evening Prestige Gas Logs

Indoor or Outdoor Fireplaces Using Natural Gas or Liquid Propane

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Burner & Controls
NG or LP

Evening Series Log Sets feature a broken, charred front log for enhanced realism and additional ember bed inside the log set. This creates the appearance of a wood fire that has been burning for longer than the "fresh wood" look of a traditional log set. Chunk kits can be added to the Evening Series to increase the width or fullness of the set, and when paired with our TNA burner and your favorite andirons, they are a versatile choice for narrow-backed fireplaces such as Rumfords.

  • Looks Like a Real Wood Fire
  • Sizes: 20″, 24″, 30″, 36″
  • Variety of Burners and Controls
  • Standard and 2-Sided
  • Natural Gas or LP
  • Indoors & Outdoors
  • Compatible Burners:
    F, FX (shown), CS, CXF, TNA

Only Mother Nature Can Make A Tree, But We Get Pretty Close

There is no better way to replicate real wood than to start with real wood. That's why every Rasmussen log mold originates from select pieces of real wood, using a special process that T.R. Rasmussen developed over 60 years ago. This unique molding technique reproduces even the finest bark detail, and when coupled with our painstaking, multi-step, hand-applied coloring process, produces what we believe to be the best looking, most realistic logs in the industry. Add decades of experience with producing innovative burner systems (including inventing the sand pan burner still in use today), and you can be sure that a Rasmussen log will provide you with the warmth, comfort and romance of firelight for years to come.

Variety of Burner Styles

Rasmussen makes several styles of burners that offer different flame patterns and installation options, allowing you to create the perfect look for your home.

Hand-Applied Color

We formulate our own environmentally-safe ceramic color coatings for the best longevity. These coatings are then hand-applied in a multi-step process that re-creates the randomness and complexity of color that characterizes real wood.

Steel Reinforced Ceramic

Starting with the finest quality fireproof refractory ceramic makes a strong log. We use rigid steel reinforcing rods for even greater durability.

Many Control Options

Rasmussen offers a full range of choices for lighting your gas log set:

  • Match Lighted (natural gas only)
  • Easy safety pilot system, in Manual, Remote Ready (with multiple transmitter options) and Variable Flame Height Remote Control.
  • Millivolt safety pilot systems, which can be integrated with a variety of external switching devices, including home automation systems.
  • Electronic Ignition pilot-on-demand systems, both battery and 120 volt powered.