Vent Free Gas Logs

Ventless Gas Logs

Ventless gas logs, often referred to as vent free gas logs, are designed to be installed in wood burning fireplaces where the chimney and fireplace are in good enough condition to safely burn wood, or in a vent free firebox that has been tested and approved for use with aftermarket vent free gas logs. You CANNOT install a ventless gas log in a prefabricated metal fireplace that has not been tested and approved for ventless logs. If you have a factory built fireplace, please be sure to refer to your owners manual to make sure it has been approved and that you can meet all of the criteria necessary for a ventless gas log installation. Often times, a special heat reflective hood is required to divert heat from an overhanging mantel if one exists. It is important to make sure you are going to be safe and satisfied with your gas logs before you decide to buy a vent-free gas log set, so we suggest you talk with our experts or read these important articles below first.

Important Articles: Where Can Gas Logs Be Installed? | Vented -vs- Ventless Gas Logs | Why Do Ventless Gas Logs Smell?

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R.H. Peterson CHAB Ventless Charred Alpine Birch

Charred Alpine Birch (Ventless)

From: $766.70

To: $1,370.20

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R.H. Peterson VO8E Ventless Valley Oak Logs

Ventless Valley Oak (Ventless)

From: $445.40

To: $701.25

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R.H. Peterson FTSO Foothill Oak Logs

Foothill Split Oak (Ventless)

From: $1,027.65

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R.H. Peterson FTO Foothill Oak Logs

Foothill Oak (Ventless)

From: $1,007.25

To: $1,369.35

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R.H. Peterson ESV Ventless Evening Fyre Split Logs

Ventless Evening Fyre Split (Ventless)

From: $794.75

To: $1,412.70

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R.H. Peterson EFV Ventless Evening Fyre Logs

Ventless Evening Fyre (Ventless)

From: $772.65

To: $1,388.05

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R.H. Peterson ECV Ventless Evening Fyre Charred Logs

Ventless Evening Fyre Charred (Ventless)

From: $801.55

To: $1,419.50

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R.H. Peterson S9 Ventless Split Oak Logs

Ventless Split Oak (Ventless)

From: $556.75

To: $1,048.90

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R.H. Peterson RD9 Ventless Golden Oak Designer Logs

Ventless Golden Oak Designer (Ventless)

From: $543.15

To: $1,020.00

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R.H. Peterson CHFR Ventless Charred Frontier Oak

Charred Frontier Oak (Ventless)

From: $703.80

To: $1,305.60

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R.H. Peterson CHAS Ventless Charred Aged Split

Charred Aged Split (Ventless)

From: $725.90

To: $1,332.80

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Gas Logs Questions and Answers

We will respond to email inquiries within 24 to 48 hours. Our Experts can provide quicker and better service over the phone if you choose to include your phone number (not required)

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Question: I have a two sided fireplace and as you know unless the heat is great enough to begin a draw smoke has a tendency to not exhaust through the chimney. The smoke will billow out into one of the rooms. My concern is having CO2 entering into the house which I cannot see or smell if I chose a vented system. If I chose a vent less the emissions are reduced and my concerns are eliminated. I would like to provide some heat with this system as well as ambiance.
Answer: A vented gas log works very much like burning real wood, so when you first start the fire it takes a few seconds to create a draft. So initially, you will get some exhaust into the room, but not enough to cause any safety concerns. But unlike a real wood fire, the warm up time for the chimney is much quicker since the fire is instantly on. Keep in mind that you will smell something if the fireplace is not drafting properly. Burning gas with a vented gas log will produce an odor, but you will not smell it unless the chimney is not drafting. If you have poorly drafting fireplace that does smoke when you are burning wood, even when the fire is roaring, then it is going to have the same problem when burning a vented gas log. By the way, it is not CO2 that is dangerous, it is CO (carbon monoxide). So, with all that said, I would suggest you consider a ventless gas log, particularly since you mentioned that you want some heat. Ventless gas logs burn the gas almost completely (99.9%), so there is almost no carbon monoxide or other toxic fumes entering the home. Plus, all the heat comes into the room instead of going up the chimney. If you give us a call and we will be happy to go into more detail and help you choose the best gas logs for your fireplace.
Question: I have I belive a ventless odessa gas log and a fit remote- the remote will not work- control temp- flame height - cannot find my manual
Answer: Odessa (Desa) is not a brand that we sell, recommend or provide support for. Please contact the manufacturer or the place where you purchased your log set for help with their products.
Question: I just had a Peterson Model G46-24-17 that I purchased from your site installed in the wood burning fireplace in my master bedroom but whenever I use it the room fills with a "burnt gas" odor that necessitates my opening windows and using a fan (damper is open). Is this simply because the product is new and this effect will end soon or is there some problem with the set-up or product? Thanks
Answer: All gas logs will produce a noticeable odor when they are first installed. We suggest you open windows in your home and burn them on high for about an hour to burn off any excess oils and cure the paint on the burner. After this initial burn in period, the odor should subside. If the odor continues, then there could be a problem with the installation or it could be that your fireplace simply does not draft very well. I would be happy to take a look at the installation to see if anything appears to be wrong. Just email me some pictures of your fireplace and log installation so I can take a look. Email pictures to:
Question: I have Majestic Woodburning fireplaces (SR42A and a BR36) and want to know if the Peterson VENTLESS gas propane logs would work SAFELY in these units? Or, does a ventless log set require any special fireboxes? I had Peterson logs before and would be my choice. Thanks for your help.
Answer: Both of your Majestic fireplaces can have either vented or vent free gas logs installed. If you choose vent free logs, be sure to look at the clearances to a combustible mantel and the hood requirements for the fireplace if you do have a mantel that projects out beyond the fireplace opening. Here are links to the installation manuals in case you do not have them handy. Refer to page 18 of each manual for instructions about gas logs:

Question: I currently have a vented set, can I purchase ONLY the burner and use my pre existing cement logs?
Answer: Yes, you can purchase just the burner system. However, you will need to call us to place your order so that we can make sure you get the right burner for your logs. Call: 1-800-201-1193
Question: Can you order parts if you need them later? and do they have remotes with them.
Answer: Yes, we can usually get replacement parts for any of the gas logs that we sell and most of our gas logs have several different remote control options. Please call and talk to our gas log experts so they can explain all of your options and help you choose the gas logs that are best for your fireplace.
Question: is there a electronic ignition to replace a pilot light?
Answer: Many of our gas log systems have electronic ignition systems that can replace a standing pilot. However, these options are specific to the brand and model of gas logs that you own. Can you email me the brand and model of your gas logs? If not, email me some pictures of your gas logs and burner system and I will try to determine if what we have will work with your log set. Email:
Question: We have a Martin ModelSC36 or Aspen Model HC 36A(says both) with Fireplace # Z 176285.We are in Mt Pleasant SC.The current logs are vented and wanted to put in a ventless system, are there any restrictions in our area? Front width is 29.5" and height is 17.25".Back width is 19" and Depth is 13". Any help would be appreciated.
Answer: Martin Fireplace model SC36 is approved for VENTED gas logs only and is NOT approved for ventless gas logs, which are considered Unvented Room Heaters. Any VENTED gas logs that you install must have a safety pilot. You can find this information on page 21 of the owners manual using this link: Martin SC36 - SA36 Fireplace Installation Manual.
Question: need 2 sets ventless logs but have very small dimensions-- Fireplace #1 19 inches wide 28 1/2 inches tall 15 1/4 inches deep Fireplace #2 19 1/4 inches wide 28 1/2 inches tall 10 1/4 inches deep Looking at your website--everything looks too big. HELP! Thanks
Answer: Your fireplaces are actually quite small and most likely cannot safely accommodate any ventless gas logs made by R. H. Peterson. The fireplace that is only 10 1/4" deep certainly cannot use ventless logs. Peterson does make some very small vented logs that may fit, so you may need to consider using vented logs. What I really need to know is the "front width" and "back width" of each fireplace (not just the width) so that I can make some recommendations. If you can email me pictures of the fireplaces as well, that will be of great help. Email this info to:
Question: I have an old ventless gas logs sytem. I would like to replace the burner assembly and the logs, but reuse the cabinet and box if i can. dimesions are 8 inches deep, 28 inches inside front, 18 inches back. I cant seem to find anything that will fit this size box. can you help.
Answer: Sounds to me that you have a ventless gas fireplace that came with its own proprietary log and burner system. There is no way to change out the burner or logs for such a fireplace seeing as it was built specifically to accommodate only the burner and logs that it came with. Even more, attempting to modify or change it in any way by adding new logs or changing the burner system can cause the fireplace be completely unsafe and hazardous. The ventless gas logs that you see on our site (and most websites that sell ventless logs) are designed only for use in masonry wood burning fireplaces or ventless fireboxes that specifically indicate that they were made to accommodate aftermarket ventless logs.

If you can email me some pictures of your fireplace I will be happy to take a look and confirm that what I have said is correct. Email fireplace pictures to:
Question: Does this come in a back to back configuration? Can it be installed ventless? What sizes and finishes does it come in? Are there installers in SE Florida?
Answer: Here is a link to all of our See Through Ventless Gas Logs, which I am assuming you are referring to when you say back to back. You will see all of the sizes and styles that are available for see through fireplaces there. To locate an installer in SE Florida, use this link: Locate a Gas Log Installer in your area.
Question: We dont have natural gas piped into our house, can we use a natural gas tank for a vent free fire log?
Answer: If you do not have natural gas piped into your home, then the alternative is liquid propane. You can have a propane tank outside your home that is piped directly to your fireplace. You will need to discuss this with a licensed plumber or local utility company who can perform the installation to meet your local building codes.
Question: Really like the look of your logs. We have existing fireplace and want vent free logs. Dimensions are 41 front width, 38 back width and 22 deep. may we use a 36 inch log set? Aree they available in vent free?
Answer: Vent-free gas logs are not available in sizes larger than 30 inches. Based on the dimensions of your fireplace, a 30" log set will look best anyways, so even if a 36" ventless gas log set was available, I would not recommend using it. If you give us a call one of our gas log experts will help you choose the best gas logs for your fireplace.
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