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Vented Gas Logs for Fireplaces

Vented gas logs are designed to be installed in wood burning fireplaces where the chimney and fireplace are in good enough condition to safely burn wood. You CANNOT install a vented gas log in a fireplace that was NOT designed to burn wood. If you have a gas fireplace, you cannot replace the log set with a vented gas log, it is unsafe. Also, you cannot install a gas log in a wood stove. Read more about where vented gas logs can and cannot be installed here: Where Can Gas Logs Be Installed?

These Models Ship in 24 Hours!

We have a limited supply of the most popular Peterson gas logs we can ship out in 24 hours (weekdays). You must call to order so we can check to see if we have the proper size and burner type for your fireplace. Call: 1-800-201-1193.

R. H. Peterson CHD vented gas logs in stock CHD Vented Charred Oak
(18" and 24")
Ships In 24 Hours!
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R. H. Peterson SDP vented gas logs in stock SDP Vented Split Oak DP
(18" to 36")
Ships In 24 Hours!
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R. H. Peterson RDP gas logs in stock RDP Golden Oak DP
(12" Only)
Ships In 24 Hours!
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NATION-WIDE SHORTAGE: R.H. Peterson has supply chain issues causing 8-10 week delays nation-wide. Call to get your order in line or consider Rasmussen Gas Logs that ship much quicker. Call: 1-800-201-1193.

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Gas Logs Questions and Answers

We will respond to email inquiries within 24 to 48 hours. Our Experts can provide quicker and better service over the phone if you choose to include your phone number (not required)

Contact Information

Question: Do you have a gas burner for a fireplace set that is electronic ignition and has a remote that varies the size of the flames?
Answer: Yes, Peterson makes an electronic ignition system that has a variable flame remote system. You can find them on our website here: Electronic Ignition Variable Flame Vented Gas Logs
Question: I have a gas log fireplace that is over 50 years old and works great but the logs have burnt up. It's a vented system, the Logs are straight, 19 " long and 4" in diameter the second log is 2.5"diameter and also 19" long Do you have anything even close?
Answer: We do have logs that are very close in size to what you have. However, we need to make sure that they are compatible with the burner system that you have. Can you please email us some pictures of your setup so we can take a look?
Question: I have ordered vented gas logs and see that the damper should remain open during operation. What can I do to keep heat from escaping through the open damper when it is not in use?
Answer: If you do not have them, we recommend that you install glass doors on your fireplace. Although you cannot burn the gas logs with the doors closed, you can close them when the fire is off to help prevent the draft you are experiencing. If you email some pictures and measurements of your fireplace we can help you choose the best glass doors to fit your needs. Email pictures and measurements to: give us a call at: 1-800-201-1193.
Question: I have been told that there is a good amount of creosote buildup in my chimney. Could I get a Natural gas log set and directly vent it through the back of the house?
Answer: No, you cannot vent a gas log set directly out the back of your house if you want to install it into your existing fireplace. However, you may be able to use a Vent Free Gas Log and operate it with your damper closed (assuming you have a damper). My suggestion is to have your chimney cleaned so the creosote is no longer an issue. If you email me some pictures of your fireplace, I may be able to offer more insight. Email pictures to:
Question: I have a Valor 739 gas insert with radiant het. I would like to take the logs out and put in the fire glass. Can this be done and if so what would the cost be for the conversion?
Answer: The type of fireplace insert that you own is a complete gas fireplace unit. This type of insert comes with its own proprietary burner system and logs and you cannot modify it or change it out for any other log set or gas burning system other than options supplied by the manufacturer. Valor does not offer any method of burning glass in this insert. The glass fires that we sell are made to be installed in wood burning fireplaces that have gas piped to them. They cannot be used in a gas fireplace insert. If you wish to have one of our beautiful glass fires, you will need to remove the Valor insert from your fireplace and then install the glass and gas burner systems that we carry.

Can you email me some pictures of your fireplace? I may be able to offer a little more insight once I see the actual application. Email your pictures to:
Question: Can I replace my single line burner with a new two or three burner providing front , more realistic flame? Please recommend burner to order for 24" logs.
Answer: It sounds to me like what you have is not a gas log burner, but a log lighter. Log lighters are a single tube with holes in it that is designed to use your gas to start a real wood fire. If this is what you have, then we can certainly hook you up with a real gas log burner system that will give you a much more natural and enjoyable looking gas fire. For more information about log lighters, please visit this page on our site: Gas Fireplace Log Lighters

If you can email me some pictures of your fireplace, I will be able to confirm what you have and/or offer other suggestions. Email:
Question: I have a vented fireplace and would like to purchase logs only. Do you sell only the logs?
Answer: Yes, we do sell just the logs. To buy them, we recommend that you call us so that we can make sure the logs you order are appropriate for your fireplace and existing burner system. FYI: If you just have a gas log lighter in your fireplace, this may not be appropriate for burning gas logs. I suggest you read this for more information on purchasing logs only: Buying Gas Logs Without a Burner.
Question: Looking for gas vented fireplace log. Have real brick fireplace vented thru chimney. My dimensions are depth 18.5 inches, width back 28 inches, width front 33 inches, height 25 inches and width of center is 31 inches. please tell me what length of log you would recommend. thanks? Looking to buy from you and have local plumber install.
Answer: Thanks for providing the details about your fireplace dimensions. The size logs that you need will depend on the type of controls you choose. If you enter your dimensions into our gas log calculator, the appropriate size will come up in your search results. You can then select the type of control you want and the size will adjust according to what fits your dimensions. Since you have supplied your phone number, one of our gas log experts will call you shortly to go over your options and make this much easier.
Question: I just need the logs, not the rest of the equipment. Can you sell just the logs for a 24 inch fireplace?
Answer: We do sell the logs separately. However, they will not be appropriate for just any gas burner system. If you have a Log Lighter in your fireplace, then you will want to replace that with a gas log burner, otherwise your logs will not burn in a realistic manner and will end up covered with soot the first time you use them. If you have a Gas Fireplace (not a wood burning fireplace), then it is not safe to change the logs. If you have a ventless gas log set, it is even more unsafe to change the logs. Please read more about all of this here: Can I buy just the logs?
Question: I am interested in changing from a log fireplace to a gas fireplace ... I would have to install a propane tank etc.....I notice all your gas fireplaces talk about " natural gas " am I to assume natural gas and propane gas same , never have used "gas " so want to be sure I am talking apples to apples .. Since I have a regular log fireplace , I have a vented flue , but can close it !! What do you all recommend , vented vs non vented
Answer: By default, our gas logs are shown in Natural Gas on our search pages. You can change this by selecting Propane in the gas type option on the left side of the search page...or by changing the gas type on any of the gas log product detail pages. The burner systems are different, so it is important to select the appropriate gas type. Also, all gas logs for liquid propane must have a safety pilot, so the match-light systems are not available for propane gas. As far as choosing between vented and ventless, we recommend vented gas logs, but you can read all about the differences using this link and make your own decision: Vented -vs- Ventless Gas Logs. Your best bet though, is to call and talk to one of our gas log experts who will make this information clear to you and help you decide which logs are the best for your particular needs.
Answer: No we do not. R. H. Peterson does not make any gas logs that are designed to burn both Natural Gas and Liquid Propane, nor do we recommend purchasing such gas logs. In order for a gas log to be properly tuned to either gas, it really needs to be made specifically for that gas type. Anything else is a compromise in the way the system burns as well as the overall safety of the system.
Question: lookink for gas log system with a pilotless. I do not one were the pilot has to be on all the time.
Answer: If you want gas logs that do not have a standing pilot, yet you want a safety valve, then you need gas logs with Electronic Ignition. Gas logs with Electronic Ignition do have a safety pilot, but it is only on when the gas logs are turned on. When you turn them off, the pilot goes off. The system uses an electronically generated spark to light the pilot and burner system when you turn the logs on.

Here are links to help you find gas logs with Electronic Ignition systems:
Question: Can I convert my non vented propane gas fireplace to a direct vent system without major destruction?
Answer: There is no way to convert a vented gas fireplace into a direct vent gas fireplace without completely removing the existing fireplace and replacing it. So I would say the answer is no.
Question: Which one of the vented gas logs looks the most like real wood?
Answer: When it comes to which gas logs look the most realistic, the answer is very subjective because what looks best to one person may not look best to another. After being in the gas log business for over 25 years, I have pretty much seen every style of gas log you can imagine. I personally think that the Peterson American Oak Logs and the Peterson Charred American Oak Logs are the most realistic gas logs that I have ever seen. I will say that the logs that have the painted details look more realistic than those that are all just one color...and the gas logs that have the charred center bottom log give you the most visual glowing ember bed and better view of the flames. My suggestion would be that you give us a call so we can discuss your taste and help you narrow down your choices.
Question: I would like the birch but with out the small pieces at the top alll large logs like the bottom piece can you do this
Answer: We can certainly special order any log combination that you want. However, I do not recommend trying to stack 2 bottom logs on top of 2 bottom logs. I have tried to do it myself and they just roll off when you try to stack them in a criss-cross manner. If you stack them all parallel to each other, it blocks the flames and causes the logs to soot up almost instantly...which is not what you want to do with the white birch logs.

Peterson has been making gas logs for nearly 50 years now and they really do have the best looking birch logs on the market. They make progressively smaller logs for the top so that you can stack them however you want, while leaving spaces between the logs where the flames can come through. If you want, we can order you extra "medium" sized logs that you can attempt to stack up, but my suggestion is to order the logs as they come and arrange them as you please. If you are not satisfied with the outcome and still feel that you need larger logs on top, then you can order them separately. You might find that you just love them the way they are and will have saved the additional cost of extra logs.

I have stacked thousands of log sets in peoples homes (I used to be an installer) and I cannot remember a time when someone was not satisfied with the end result using just the logs that came with the set.