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About Portland Willamette

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Portland Willamette was recently bought out by Ironhaus, a premier metalworking factory in Hamilton Montana. In taking over the manufacturing of the Portland Willamette line of products, Ironhaus will add it's own touch of quality to a line of products that was already considered among the best in the fireplace industry. Due to the transition and relocation of the factory, lead times can be expected to be longer than usual until production is fully up to capacity, so please keep this in mind when placing your order and make sure you discuss the leadtime with us so you know what to expect.


Portland Willamette began as a post war basement operation over 70 years ago and grew to become one of the nation's foremost manufacturers of quality fireplace doors, accessories and gas products. The company's headquarters and manufacturing facility were located in Portland, Oregon. Housed within the 210,000 square foot facility was the machinery and skilled technicians that handcrafted the Portland Wilamette products. Since the beginning, the company has produced quality products that represent lasting value to the customer. To ensure customer satisfaction, Portland Willamette products are available only through professional fireplace specialty retail outlets where experts are on staff to ensure the proper fit.

Custom Quality Products

Portland Willamette is noted for manufacturing the finest firescreens available. One of the reasons for this is the pride of workmanship that begins with the transformation of raw metals into components which is carried through to the assembly of components into finished products. Every metal part of every Portland Willamette firescreen and accessory is made in the USA. Whether the process involves stamping and shaping brass and steel plate or weaving our own curtain mesh, every step is done by our own skilled craftspeople. This allows them to manufacture virtually any shape or size custom screen.

We feel confident that once you see the superior quality materials and construction of Portland Willamette products, you will agree it's the product of choice.