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Hearth Creations Door Mechanism

The pictures below illustrate the heavy duty nature of the steel doors made by Hearth Creations.

Heavy Duty Pin Hinges

Fig. 1 Pin Hinges: Doors swing open and closed on pin hinges allowing them to swing out 180 degrees so they are flat to the wall when open.
Fig. 2 Bullet Latch: Spring loaded bullet latch with ball bearings. These heavy duty latches are built to last a lifetime and make opening and closing the doors securely a breeze. These are used with glass doors or doors that use wire mesh instead of glass.
Fig. 3 Bullet Pin: Heavy duty bullet latch-pin fits securely into the latch.

Standard Cabinet Mesh Backup Doors

Fig. 4 Standard Mesh Backup Doors: This is a very simple lever mechanism that holds the wire mesh backup doors closed and easily opens. Simple designs like this are both functional and long lasting where little can go wrong.
Fig. 5: Standard Mesh Backup Doors. Simply lift the lever slightly to open the mesh backup door.

Pull Ring Cabinet Mesh Backup Doors

Fig. 6: Pull Ring Mesh Backup Doors. This option has a ring handle and magnetic latch.
Fig. 7: Pull Ring Mesh Backup Doors. This shows the magnetic latch.