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About Hunter Ceiling Fans

Hunter's Famous History

1886 to 2017
Hunter fans are the finest fans available in the industry. The reason is to a great degree, the manner in which they are manufactured. They are not simply "assembled". They are carefully crafted by dedicated workers, people who take special pride in the creation of these uncommon fans. These workers carry on the spirit and tradition started over 100 years ago.

The same principles of quality that made the Original Hunter a legendary success have been carried over to the full line of Hunter fans. The same rigorous manufacturing, testing, engineering, and re-testing procedures are employed, whether your choice is an Original, the 1886 Limited Edition, Studio Series, or the Summer Breeze model.

It costs more to make a Hunter fan because they are not built on high speed assembly lines where mistakes and flaws can go unnoticed. Instead, Hunters are created on quality-paced lines with the latest manufacturing and precision testing equipment. Dedicated assembly "teams" build complete Hunter fans from start to finish. . . they even "sign" their work with a special team color. In the event a fan is rejected during the rigorous testing of each unit, it is returned to that team for correction. Competition between teams is taken very seriously.. . it is this uncommon pride that has contributed to the creation of the world's finest fan... the legendary Hunter.

At the main Hunter plant in Memphis, Tennessee, demanding engineers and inspectors will not accept fans that whir, wobble or break down. Each fan is carefully tested for maximum performance, quiet operation, and overall quality of finishes. No other manufacturer puts its products through such rigorous tests. So consumers can buy Hunter fans with confidence, knowing they're manufactured to work under "real world" conditions. Motors and fan blades must conform to exacting standards that often involve extra hours of manufacturing time and quality control testing not associated with "look-alike" models.

The Most Important Part Of The Fan - The Motor
A high quality fan begins with a high quality motor. Hunter's larger, more powerful motors are built for years of smooth, dependable, maintenance free operation, with numerous advantages over the competition. They're designed exclusively for each Hunter fan and are proven top performers.

If a fan breaks down or isn't working well - if it's not moving much air - if it makes noise - if blades wobble - if it is just not efficient - the motor is usually the first place to look.

A fan's motor is integral to every part of its operation. It's interesting then, that the motor is exactly where so many fan manufacturers cut corners. Many actually use off the shelf modified vacuum cleaner or dishwasher motors with cheap, noise-dampening rubber flywheels that need to be replaced periodically at a significant expense to the owner. Some also use non-precision ball bearings that make noise, no lubrication, and shorten a fan's life.

Hunter motors, on the other hand, are custom-designed for each fan. For example, the Hunter Original's, one of-a-kind motor is one of the industry's largest. Its cast iron housing makes it virtually indestructible, and effectively dissipates the motor heat that can ruin competitors' fans. Hunter motors are engineered to perform, and built to last.

The Original's powerful motor is electrically reversible, with three operating speeds. It's designed and built for smooth, balanced operation and maximum air movement. The Original motor uses precision-thrust ball bearings that assure quiet, dependable performance, with maintenance-free, permanent oil bath lubrication. Once installed, the Original never needs to be oiled (unless it's moved). And it carries an exclusive limited lifetime warranty.

Important Update: As of late 2002, Hunter original fans are no longer made in the USA and no longer have their famous cast iron motor, although the exterior motor housing is still cast.

All non-Original motors have been carefully engineered specifically for use in Hunter Fans. The motor windings are designed to insure quiet efficiency even at the low speeds demanded in ceiling fans. A strong stable motor casing is provided to maintain the exacting tolerances and dimensions required for stable smooth operation. Special double shielded electric motor bearings are specified for long reliable and whisper quiet operation.

Each motor armature is dynamically balanced to within 0.75 inches. This costly inspection process assures that the fan will operate smoothly, efficiently, and wobble-free. All motor windings are precision wound with highest quality copper wire. Motor windings, the electrical heart of the motor, are rigorously tested 4 different times during and after manufacturing.

Hunter motors also have larger steel laminations with special epoxy coated insulation. This costlier type of insulation (inexpensive fans use paper) helps eliminate heat buildup and prevents motor burn out. The special epoxy covering is checked with a scientific probe for uneven coatings. Uneven coatings can contribute to electrical shorts and can shorten fan life.

In addition to rigorous motor inspection, Hunter switches are tested to operate without failure for at least 20,000 cycles, a common failure on other fans. In addition, Hunter switches have an ingenious "Break-Away switch chain. This Hunter invention eliminates having to replace your switch because the pull chain broke inside the switch housing. Pull too hard on a Hunter chain and it will break away at a pre-determined point outside the switch. . . ready to be put together again in seconds. All Hunter fans feature 3-speed, electrically reversible motors.

All motors manufactured at Hunter are inspected and tested in a sound proof room. This costly and time-consuming inspection procedure checks for proper RPM'S, fan speeds, correct electrical wattage and even loose or missing hardware. Each unit is hooked up and actually operated to check for noise and wobble. Remember, Hunters are quiet and wobble-free.

A Hunter Fan For Every Room - Fan Selection
It's easy to choose the right Hunter fan for your application. A ceiling fan that's too big for a room can cause too much air movement, a fan that's too small, not enough. Hunter makes fans for every application. For maximum efficiency and comfort, Hunter recommends:

  • 52" fans for rooms up to 400 sq. ft.

  • 44" or 42" fans for rooms up 225 sq. ft.

  • 32" fans for rooms up to 64 sq. ft.

Installation Is A Breeze
All Hunter fans are simple to install, most without any extra wiring needed. Each is packed with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that make the job a breeze. In general, if you can change a light fixture, you can install a ceiling fan.

Many Hunter fans feature the versatile, three-position "Installer's Choice" mounting system that lets homeowners mount their fans in the standard hanging configuration, flush to the ceiling for extra clearance, or at an angle on a vaulted ceiling. Vaulted ceiling kits are also available for mounting the Hunter Original at an angle. And for especially high ceilings, Hunter offers extension pipes in lengths from 12" to 72" and a variety of matching Hunter finishes.

Finishes And Details
Hunter fans are as beautiful outside as they are tough inside. And they're made to stay that way! Hunter's unique brass finish is rust-resistant and tarnish-proof. It maintains its timeless beauty without polishing. All painted finishes are made to keep their good looks through years of use. And Hunter light kits offer finishes that match perfectly with the fans.

Hunter's Beautiful Brass Finish
The brass finish on most ceiling fans looks great at first, until it starts to tarnish or scratch. Not so with Hunter fans. The Hunter brass finish is deep and dimensional, unlike most inexpensive fans which have a cheap yellow tint. Hunter's gleaming brass finish is the result of a series of buffing and grinding processes between multiple plating steps. This finish is then protected with a tough, baked-on epoxy coating. The result is a tarnish-proof, scratch and rust resistant finish that never needs polishing. It's finished for life. Some Hunter fans are painted rather than plated. Hunter uses powder-coated paints that ensure proper coverage and a thick, glossy surface.

Light Fixtures Made To Match
Most consumers who buy ceiling fans also purchase light fixtures. All Hunter light fixtures are finished with the same painstaking attention to beauty and durability as Hunter fans. Best of all, Hunter light fixtures are finished to precisely match the finish of Hunter fans, so metals never clash and the entire fixture is consistently beautiful.

Rich, Real Wood Blades and Built with Care
Blades are obviously a fan's most prominent feature. Hunter treats its blades like finely crafted wood furniture. Whether they're beautifully finished with furniture grade hardwood veneers or painted with Hunter's meticulous process, all Hunter blades are sealed to prevent warping and maintain a lifetime of good looks.

Hunter also offers High Luster blades with gleaming polished surfaces of black, white or faux granite and a variety of rich wood grains. Each and every Hunter fan blade is hand-weighed, torque balanced to within seven grams and matched into sets of four. A balancing expert will also check and adjust level, pitch, angle and even place the blade irons in plastic bags to protect the finish.

A scientifically specified level of moisture is maintained through the use of special drying ovens. Blades are cut to dimensional tolerances, sanded on both sides, and even sorted to eliminate visual pattern imperfections. Each blade is wrapped individually to protect it from damage another example of Hunter dedication to detail. Heavy die-cast metal blade irons, finished to match the motor housing, complete the quality Hunter blade assembly.

Let's face it: part of the beauty of a ceiling fan is the graceful circling of its blades. Hunter's all wood blades are certainly beautiful. But, like every part of a Hunter fan, they're also built for years of reliability. Each blade is properly sealed to keep out moisture and prevent warping. And they're precision weighed to within one gram, to keep that circling motion graceful and wobble free. Die cast blade holders are also precision weighed, matched and aligned. Put them all together, and you have one smooth-running machine!

Blade Pitch
The angle of a blade, or blade pitch, is a key factor in how much air a fan can move. Hunter's motors are powerful enough so that fan blades may be pitched for optimum air movement.

Hunter's powerful motors are made to allow optimal blade pitch. Original blades are pitched at 15 degrees for maximum air movement. In fact, the 52" five-blade Original moves an astounding 9500 CFM (cubic feet of air) per minute more than any other ceiling fan designed for residential use. And many of Hunter's high performance models move more than 8500 CFM and feature a 15 blade pitch.

Hunter Warranties -The Industry's Strongest Warranty Program
Hunter's rigorous factory testing ensures excellence in design and performance. The proof is in Hunter's warranties which are among the longest in the industry, and backed by the reputation of a 100-year-old company. If Hunter fans should ever need service, local authorized service centers can take care of most problems. Plus Hunter "Fan Doctors" are only a phone call away.

Warranties that are unsurpassed provide an extra measure of assurance. Hunter backs its fans with 20 year, 25 year and lifetime warranties, and you can rest assured Hunter, will be in business for the life of your warranty - a claim most other fan companies cannot make. With over 100 years in the fan business, Hunter's, reputation for backing its products is unparalleled.

A warranty is like a promise. . it is only as worthy as the person or company offering it, and their ability to support it. Would you want your ceiling fan to be serviced by a lawn mower repair person? Or, would you wait months for your fan because it went back to the manufacturer... some place in Hong Kong? Worse still, what if the manufacturer is no longer in the fan business?

Hunter Service . . . after you buy your fan
Hunter fans have already withstood the critical test of time. That's why Hunter Fan Company can offer the most extensive warranty program in the industry! In the unlikely event your Hunter requires servicing, Hunter has established a vast network of factory-trained and factory authorized service centers throughout the United States, including Hawaii. Because Hunter cares about you after your purchase. they have made it easy, fast and convenient to get help whenever necessary.

For convenient service for all Hunter brands, during the life of your warranty, simply take your Hunter into any local Authorized Service Center. There are over 300 Service Centers throughout the continental U. S. and Hawaii.

All Hunter Service Center technicians are trained and continuously updated on the newest servicing techniques by Hunter factory instructors. In addition, a Hunter factory engineer in Memphis, Tennessee, also serves as a Technical Services Specialist. This person is always available to advise service center representatives on special problems.

"Fan Doctors" 901-745-9222
Hunter has developed a unique and personalized service to respond to Hunter customer calls for help with their fan problems. Hunter retains two full-time service experts in the Memphis factory service department. These "Fan Doctors" prescribe remedies over the phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., five days a week, Central Time. Counseling regarding do-it-yourself repairs, installation and maintenance can help customers save time and inconvenience. The "Fan Doctors" can also ship needed parts quickly and directly to you. And, if your fan is still covered by warranty, the parts are free. Advice from the experts is always free whether your fan is in or out of warranty. Unlike other fan companies, Hunter is already planning for the next century, so you can believe that when you need Hunter . . .they'll be here! These expert counselors in Hunter's Memphis consumer service department can be reached at 901-745-9222.

Comparison Guidelines
The Hunter "Original" ceiling fan was a significant contributor to help pave the way for dramatic population growth in Americas warmer regions. Without its cooling breezes, who knows how quickly these regions would have been developed.

An integral part of the history of this nation, Hunter fans began with a manufacturing concept so good that it has become a tradition. The result? A whole new generation of Americans are discovering that the quality of yesteryear still exists in products they can buy and enjoy in their homes and businesses.

Refined, updated, enhanced a bit over the years, the Hunter Original is still the same basic masterpiece. The culmination of an idea conceived by the Hunters back in 1886 is now a full line of superb products by the name "Hunter".

Uncommon concern for quality has not changed over the years, either. It's no wonder that fans purchased more than eighty years ago are still running. What is remarkable, though, is that today's Hunter Originals still carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty on motor parts!

Owning a Hunter means owning a classic, a tradition, a legend, not a "me too" copy. Expertly crafted thoroughly proven, exquisitely finished. Hunter fans have evolved to a level of perfection that is respected and admired by quality conscious people all over the world. Hunter has very little in common with the rest of today's look-alike fans.

Today, a whole new generation of Americans is discovering that ceiling fans are great not just for comfort, but for energy efficiency as well. Ceiling fans use less energy than air conditioners, and so help conserve our natural resources. They also don't emit ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons.

Don't Settle For Imitations Styles have changed over the years. Hunter has not only changed with them, but led the way with an impressive variety of fan styles for every need and decorating taste.

One thing that hasn't changed is Hunter's commitment to quality workmanship and performance. And today's Hunter Originals still carry a limited lifetime warranty on motor parts and come with a 90 day in-home service guarantee.

Imitators come and go. Others may look the same. But the company that invented the ceiling fan is still making the highest quality, most dependable ceiling fans on the market today. Now and for many years to come, when you buy Hunter, you're buying the best.