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Ceiling Fan & Lighting Installers - Kansas City

The Ceiling Fan Man Electrical Services, LLC
Contact: 913-548-8720
Service Area: Greater Kansas City Kansas including Johnson County and Miami County.

Get $10 to $75 OFF Installation*

Have your ceiling fans and lighting fixtures installed by The Ceiling Fan Man Electrical Services, LLC and get a discount off the installation cost based on the price of each item in the rate table below:

Item PriceDiscount
$200 to $299$10
$300 to $399$25
$399 to $499$35
$500 to $799$50
$800 and up$75

How To Qualify:

  1. First, contact The Ceiling Fan Man Electrical Services, LLC (CFM) to get an estimate for installing your fixtures.
  2. You must mention that you will be buying your fans from Hansen Wholesale and ask if you will qualify to get the installation discount.
  3. Buy your fans at Hansen Wholesale.
  4. Once you receive your fans, contact CFM to schedule your installation.
  5. You must provide a copy of your invoice to the installer so they can validate the discount based on the rate table above.
  6. Allow the installer to take photos of your ceiling fans.
  7. CFM will send the invoice copy and photos to Hansen Wholesale in order to get reimbursed for their service.

*If an agreement is made between Hansen Wholesale and the above company, the details will be as such: Hansen Wholesale has an agreement with the above company to provide you with a discount for their installation services if you purchase your items from Hansen Wholesale. Hansen Wholesale is not responsible for the actual installation or any issues involving installation including the cost of installation. The installation is contracted between you and the above company providing the installation. It is your responsibility to confirm the discount will be honored by the above company prior to installation. The discounts listed above should be deducted from the normal rates quoted by the above company and itemized on the bill they submit to you. Once the above company has submitted proof that they completed the installation and provided you with the discount, Hansen Wholesale will then compensate them for their services based on our agreement with them.