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LED Ceiling Fans

The LED lighting industry is undergoing a huge transformation. Major advancements in LED technology along with refined manufacturing have brought the price of LEDs down to a point where CFL and incandescent bulbs will soon be a thing of the past. Just 3 years ago there were only a couple of ceiling fans that had LED lights in them. Now, as of 3/8/2016, we have over 150 ceiling fans that come with LED lights. The best LED fans also have a DC motor, which is another energy efficient technology recently introduced to ceiling fans. DC motors are about 300% more efficient than the typical AC motor used in most fans. So because the push to LED is driven mostly by those concerned about energy efficiency, it is no wonder that most of the best LED ceiling fans will also have a DC motor, making them super efficient fans incorporating the lastest energy saving technology.

DC-LED Ceiling Fans are up 500% More Efficient!

The average AC ceiling fan motor uses about 75 watts on high speed and 100 to 160 watts for a light fixture. That's a total of up to 235 watts for a typical ceiling fan running on high speed with the light on. In contrast, DC fan motors use at most about 30 watts and roughly 17 watts for the LED light, totaling only about 47 watts on high speed with the light on. That's is over 500% MORE EFFICIENT! It's no wonder these new LED-DC ceiling fans are in such demand!

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