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Lighting Ceiling Fans

I am not sure what you want...

Lighting Ceiling Fans is the most commonly searched phrase on Google containing the words Ceiling Fans (other than just Ceiling Fans), yet the combination of words is ambiguos. As the webmaster for Hansen Wholesale, I do my best to create pages on our site that help you find what you want quickly, but in this case I am not sure if you are looking for:

  1. decorative lighting for one application and Ceiling Fans for another?
  2. ceiling fans that come with a light fixture?
  3. a light fixture to add it to a ceiling fan you already own?

So please leave me a little note below telling me just what you are looking for, and hopefully the links above will help you find what you need while I sort this out and make our website better respond to your search.

Thanks for your help...

Greg Tillotson
Webmaster for Hansen Wholesale