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Gas Fireplace Replacement Logs
"I already have a burner and just want fake logs!"

Updated: 10/18/2021

Safety Warning!

Replacing the gas logs in a gas fireplace with the wrong type of logs can create a serious hazard. Carbon Monoxide gas may enter your room or the logs may just turn black from soot the first time you use them. In some cases, it can even create the potential for an explosion.

Email Us Your Pictures

Before you make a serious mistake and buy the wrong type of logs, email us some pictures of your fireplace. One of our gas log experts will take a look at your fireplace and let you know what is safe and appropriate. Email pictures to: with the subject "Logs Only".

More About Logs Only

We do in fact sell "Logs Only", but there are cases where changing the logs in a fireplace can cause a hazardous situation, or where the burner system that you have in place simply will not work well with fake logs. So before you purchase a set of logs without a burner, we ask that you read the information below. Then give us a call to discuss your needs and we will gladly sell them to you at our "Guaranteed Lowest Prices" if in fact they are appropriate for your application.

Above: Wood burning fireplace with ordinary pipe log lighter.
(Used to start wood...not appropriate for gas logs)

There are 2 common reasons people wish to purchase logs without a burner that can create potential problems:

Reason 1: They have a "Log Lighter" in their fireplace and wish to put fake logs on top of it.

Reason 2: They have a "Gas Only" fireplace and do not like the way the logs that came with it look, or wish to replace broken logs.

If you fit into either of these 2 categories, then it is very important that you read the rest of this information before you Buy Gas Logs Without a Burner!

Log Lighters

If you already have a burner in your fireplace, make sure that it is a "Gas Log Burner" and not a "Log Lighter". The picture to the right shows several different "Log Lighters" as well as a typical "Gas Log Burner". Log Lighters are designed to burn gas in order to start a real wood fire without using kindling. Although you can in fact use a log lighter to burn your gas logs, we do not recommend it for the following reasons:

Sooting: Because the air to fuel mixture is not controlled properly with a log lighter (unless there is an air mixer), they tend to produce a lot of soot. This will blacken your logs far more than a burner specifically designed for gas logs. In some cases, "Black Soot" will accumulate almost immediately on your gas logs and cover the bark and wood details in a matter of minutes. In some cases, the soot is so bad that it gets into the room...on the walls and on your furniture.

Unlrealistic Flame: A log lighter is not designed to emulate the look of a real wood fire. The flames come up looking more like fingers of fire rather than a natural looking flame.

No Glowing Ember Bed: A log lighter will not produce the glowing bed of embers below your gas logs like you see in the pictures of our gas logs. Gas Log Burners are designed to be burried beneath sand or vermiculite and then covered with the ember material. The gas must come up through the sand, which helps control the air to fuel mixture and reducing sooting. It also causes the ember material to glow red hot. The ember material is typically made of "Rock Wool" which is a high temperature insullation material, so it does not burn, it just gets red hot.

No Safety Pilot or Controls:With a burner designed specifically for gas logs, you can choose from several Remote Control or Manually Operated Safety Pilot Systems that will prevent the logs from leaking gas into your home in the event that a small child (or adult) turns on the gas without lighting the logs. You will not have such options if you use a "Log Lighter".

Gas Fireplaces

Warning: If you have a Gas Fireplace, you most likely "CANNOT" replace your logs with "DIFFERENT" logs!

The picture to the left shows a typical "Built-in Gas Fireplace" with the control access panel opened. These types of fireplaces usually have a burner system that is built-in to the bottom of the fireplace and the controls are accessed by pulling down the bottom grill.

If you are trying to replace the logs in such a fireplace, you most likely need to locate the logs made by the manufacturer of the fireplace for that "Exact" should not use any other logs unless otherwise stated in the owners manual for the fireplace. If you cannot locate your owners manual, Google it online, or contact the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is out of business, then you are most likely stuck with what you have, or you will need to replace the entire fireplace (and possibly the venting as well) if you want new or different logs.

Why? Gas fireplaces are designed to be burned in a very controlled manner, and each model is different depending on how they were designed. Using logs other than those supplied with the fireplace can cause it to overheat or burn uncleanly...resulting in the production of soot and other potentially toxic byproducts such as Carbon Monoxide. This can create a very unsafe condition.

If you questions about any of this, please call and talk to our gas log experts!

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