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How To Measure for Gas Logs

How to Measure for Gas Logs
Front Width x Back Width x Depth

Correctly sizing your Gas Logs for your Fireplace is VERY IMPORTANT!

CLEARANCE IS CRITICAL! Every type gas log burner system must remain a certain distance from the side walls of the fireplace in order to stay cool, which is referred to as "Clearance" (see Fig.3 below) . The amount of clearance varies depending on the type of gas log burner and controls you select. When the clearance is not met, the gas valve can overheat and melt, which will cause your log set to stop working...and can also create an unsafe condition. Although you might think that the biggest logs that will fit into your fireplace will look the best, you must also consider how much space must be left on each side of the burner system in order for it to be safe. Over-sizing of gas logs is the #1 cause of failure with gas logs. Follow these instructions carefully to avoid making a costly mistake!

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To ensure you get the right size gas logs and correct burner configuration, be sure to call and talk to one of our Gas Log Experts

Measure the: Front Width x Back Width x Depth

Fig.1 Masonry Fireplace

This example shows a masonry fireplace with a marble front that is flush with the firebrick on the inside, so the Front Width measurement is the same as the actual fireplace opening.
Fig.2 Metal Prefabricated Fireplace

Here's a prefabricated fireplace where the width between the fireplace walls is less than the fireplace opening, so the Front Width measurement is smaller than the fireplace opening.

FRONT WIDTH: The front width is the actual "usable" space between the side walls inside your fireplace at the front, not necessarily the width of the opening. If the facia around your fireplace opening is even with the side walls of the fireplace on the inside, then the Front Width measurement is the same as the fireplace opening (see Fig.1). If you have a prefabricated metal fireplace (zero clearance fireplace) where the opening is actually wider than the width between the side walls inside, do not base the front width on the size of the opening, measure the functional width between the side walls of the fireplace (see Fig.2).

BACK WIDTH: The Back Width is pretty self explainitory and is the measurement of the narrowest width in the back of the fireplace (see Fig.1 and Fig.2 ).

DEPTH: The Depth is simply the measurement from the front to back of your fireplace on the inside. The Front is at the point from which you took the Front Width measurement (see Fig.1 and Fig.2 ).

Height: The height of your fireplace opening needs to be at least 18" for most gas logs. This may vary somewhat between models, but if your opening is at least 18" tall, you will not normally need to be concerned about the height of your fireplace opening..

About the Center Width: The Center Width is the inside width measurement taken 7" back from the point from which you measured the Front Width. This is approximately where the burner and pilot will be positioned when your logs are installed, which is the point where the clearances are critical. For fireplaces with odd measurements we like to use this as an alternative method of determining what size logs are best. So when you see reference to the "Center Width" for our gas logs, you will know what this is referring to (see Fig.3).

(*) The Asterisk shows where clearance from a safety pilot is required

Shown Above: The center of the fireplace is where the burner is normally placed. The minimum center width is based on the log set and burner configuration that you choose. This is something that our gas log experts refer to in order to double check if any particular gas log configuration will work in your fireplace. For questions about this, please call and speak to one of our Gas Log Experts: 1-800-201-1193.

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