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Minka Aire 52" Simple in Oil Rubbed Bronze

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F787-ORB in Oil Rubbed Bronze
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Minka Aire 52" Simple in Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Shown in Picture: Minka Aire 52" Simple Ceiling Fan Model F787-ORB in Oil Rubbed Bronze with Medium Maple Colored ABS All-Weather Blades. Although the Simple fan comes without a light, a special LED light kit model K9787L is sold separately and can be easily added to the fan when it is installed or at a later date. The Simple is a Contemporary 3 Blade Fans style Ceiling Fan Designed for use indoors or outdoors in dry, damp or wet locations. This fan features a 123mm x 30mm Super Efficient DC Motor with a 14 Degree Blade Pitch producing an AirFlow rating of 5 (where 5 is best). It is operated by a 6 Speed Remote Control. Other types of controls are also available.

So simple! Minka Aire gave this wonderful design a name that best denotes it

Included Control: Remote Control with 6 speeds forward and reverse.

Ceiling Fan Comparison Graph

  • 5
  • 3.28
  • 5670
  • 193
  • 29
  • Quality
  • MPH
  • CFM
  • Efficiency
  • Watts
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • 0
Breeze rating Info Breeze rating is from 1 to 5 where 5 is the strongest breeze!
Wind Speed Factor Info The higher the Wind Speed Factor the cooler you will feel! 3.28 MPH

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Features & Specifications

Motor Size Super Efficient DC Motor - 123mm x 30mm Motor
Quality Rating 5 out of 5 (5 is best)
Blade Pitch 14 degree blade pitch
Blade Span 52" blade span
Blade Qty 3 blades
Blades Color Medium Maple Colored ABS Plastic All Weather Blades finished blades (included)
RPMs 51 to 191 RPM
Speeds 6 Speed
Reverse Function Yes
Indoor Rating Rated for use indoors
Outdoor Rating Rated for outdoor WET locations in both covered and uncovered areas. Can be exposed directly to rain.
Includes Uplight No
Includes Downlight No
Can Lights be Added? Yes
Accepts Universal Light Kits No
Voltage Uses 110 Volt electricity
ENERGY STAR Qualified No
Style Group Contemporary
Approx. Weight 0 lb.
Warranty Lifetime Limited Motor Warranty
Included Downrod(s) Includes 6" Downrod
Flushmount Capability Cannot Be Flush Mounted
Leadwire Length 80"
Building codes require blades to be at least 7' from the floor.
Included Downrod Length(s): Includes 6" Downrod

*NOTE: Minka Aire measures the blade distance to the TOP of the blade. Please add approximately 1/2" to 1" to estimate the distance to the bottom of the blades.


Finish Options

Other Finishes for this Ceiling Fan

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Owners Manual (PDF download)
Spec Sheet (PDF download)
Where can this fan be installed?
Dry Locations

Outdoor Damp Locations
(covered areas)

Outdoor Wet Locations
(exposed to rain)


UL Listed for Wet Applications: The Minka Aire 52" Simple in Oil Rubbed Bronze is UL Listed for Outdoor Wet Locations, which means that you can install it outdoors in uncovered or partially covered areas where it will be directly exposed to rain. Great for a gazebo, lanais, lattice covered patio or any other outdoor area. As with all outdoor ceiling fans, you can also install them indoors in any room that you desire.


Minimum Ceiling Height Requirement: Building codes require residential ceiling fans to be installed with the blades at least 7 feet from the floor. In order to meet this requirement, this fan requires a minimum ceiling height of at least 93.5". If your ceiling is lower than 93.5" then you may need to add a flushmount adapter or close to ceiling downrod if one is available for the fan (see below). Any light fixture you choose to add to this fan is allowed to be less than 7 feet from the floor, so just make sure you have enough headroom to walk under it if need be. If you cannot find what you need to make this fan work in your room, please give us a call 1-800-607-2665 so we can check to see if there are any further alternatives.

Note: This fan includes Includes 6" Downrod downrods(s)

How long of a downrod do I need?

The downrod included with the Minka Aire 52" Simple in Oil Rubbed Bronze ceiling fan is 6", which puts the blades 10" from the ceiling. Here are the Minimum Ceiling Heights required for each downrod available for this fan. Each length will put the fan blades 7 feet from the floor, so if you want your fan blades higher than 7 feet, choose a shorter downrod to fit your needs.

Downrod Model Length Floor to Blades Ceiling Height Blades to Ceiling Price Add To Fan Order Separately
Included 6 inch downrod 7 feet 7.79 feet 9.5 inches -- Included Included
DR503-ORB 3 inch downrod 7 feet 7.54 feet 6.5 inches $6.30
Add to Fan
DR512-ORB 12 inch downrod 7 feet 8.29 feet 15.5 inches $12.60
Add to Fan
DR518-ORB 18 inch downrod 7 feet 8.79 feet 21.5 inches $18.90
Add to Fan
DR524-ORB 24 inch downrod 7 feet 9.29 feet 27.5 inches $22.96
Add to Fan
DR536-ORB 36 inch downrod 7 feet 10.29 feet 39.5 inches $32.40
Add to Fan
DR548-ORB 48 inch downrod 7 feet 11.29 feet 51.5 inches $43.20
Add to Fan
DR560-ORB 60 inch downrod 7 feet 12.29 feet 63.5 inches $54.00
Add to Fan
DR572-ORB 72 inch downrod 7 feet 13.29 feet 75.5 inches $63.00
Add to Fan

How the above calculations are performed

To calculate the length of downrod that you need to get as close to 7 feet from the floor as possible (but not lower), first you must look at the dimensions of the fan to determine how far from the ceiling the blades will hang using the standard mounting hardware. In most cases, the hardware that a ceiling fan ships with is all you need for an 8 or 9 foot high ceiling...but be sure to double check the distance a fan hangs from the ceiling because some fans hang down more than 18" and will require at least a 9 or 10 foot ceiling.

Once you know how far the fan hangs with the standard mounting hardware you can calculate how far it will hang with a longer downrod by subtracting the length of the standard downrod from the length of a longer downrod. Add that length to the distance the fan normally hangs from the ceiling to determine how far down your fan will hang with any particular downrod length. If you do not know the length of the downrod that is included with you can figure that 4" is about average.

For assistance choosing a downrod please call us at: 1-800-607-2665

A245-ORB Minka Aire A245-ORB Ceiling Fan Angled Ceiling Adapter in Oil Rubbed Bronze Angled Ceiling Kit - Required for ceilings angled more than 30 and up to 45 degrees. Not needed for ceilings angled 30 degrees or less (or flat). Ceilings angled more than 45 will require a box framed into the ceiling to flatten the surface where the fan is to be installed. $19.72
Add to Fan

About Angled Ceilings

This fan will hange from flat ceilings and ceilings angled up to 30 degrees using the hardware that comes in the box. If your ceiling is over 30 degrees, you can by an Angled Ceiling Adapter that will allow you to install the fan on a ceiling angled up to 45.

Ceiling Angle Calculator

Rise =
Pitch = 0°

How to measure Rise:

Rise is the vertical distance your ceiling rises for every horizontal foot. Rise per foot is called Pitch. A roof with a 4/12 pitch rises 4 inches vertically for every 12 inches horizontal.

Our calculator uses roof pitch to calculate the angle of your ceiling. Since we already know the horizontal measurement is 12", we only need you to enter in the vertical rise to make the calculation.

To measure the rise of your ceiling: Hold a 12" ruler ruler horizontally (using a level) with one corner touching the ceiling. Then take measure the vertical distance from the other end of the ruler to the ceiling. This is the rise. Select your dimensions in the form above to calculate the angle of your ceiling. Most ceiling fans (except for hugger fans) can hang on ceilings angled up to 30 degrees without the need for an angled ceiling adapter. 30 degrees is slightly less than a 7/12 pitch. Most angled ceiling adapters will allow your fan to hang up to 45 degress...which is a 12/12 pitch.

Angled Ceiling

How does the Minka Aire 52" Simple in Oil Rubbed Bronze Compare to the Average Ceiling Fan?

Note The Editor's Review is based on the latest product specifications and performance data we have in our database directly from the manufacturer. We take this information and convert it into laymans terms to give you an idea of what you can expect from the fan. Actual performance may vary depending on the circumstances of your application such as room size, ceiling height, blade selection and climate.

Quality Rating = 5 (average is 3)
With a Quality Rating of 5, the Minka Aire 52" Simple in Oil Rubbed Bronze is among the finest quality ceiling fans made. It will run smooth and quiet without wobbling or making noise and you can let it run 24 hours a day for years on end without any worries of the motor burning out.

Wind Speed Factor: 3.28 MPH (average is about 3)
A Wind Speed Factor of 3.28 MPH gives this fan a Breeze Rating of 4 out of 5. This is above average when it comes to ceiling fans, so you can expect to feel a decent amount of cooling breeze from the 52" Simple. Aside from Quality, which accounts for smooth quiet operation and durability, the amount of wind-chill a fan can provide to cool you off is the most important consideration.

Airflow = 5670 CFM (average is about 5,000)
5670 CFM is pretty much average, so don't expect a super strong breeze from this fan. However, most people are used to average ceiling fans, so if you have never experienced a fan more powerful than this, you may be satisfied with the Minka Aire 52" Simple in Oil Rubbed Bronze. This fan should allow you to raise your thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees to save between 5% and 15% on your cooling bills (if you have AC).

Efficiency Rating = 193 CFM/Watt (average is about 86)
An Efficiency Rating of 193 is very far above average. Efficiency is defined by the EPA as the amount of airflow a fan produces (CFM) divided by the amount of electricity (Watts) it uses on high speed without any lights on. Efficiency is less important than Airflow because more CFMs allow you to raise your thermostat higher...which is where you will save the most energy. Efficiency becomes more important if you expect to operate several ceiling fans at the same time. (see calculator below)

Electrical Usage = 29 Watts (average is about 76)
29 Watts per hour is "Extremely Low", which is fantastic because the Minka Aire 52" Simple in Oil Rubbed Bronze will cost almost nothing to operate compared to other ceiling fans. Use the calculator below to estimate just how much it will cost to operate this fan in "Your home".

Wind Speed Factor -vs- Efficiency: Wind Speed is KING! Ceiling fans can save you a lot on your energy bills if you use them properly to reduce your use of central air. Ceiling fans cool you off by creating a wind-chill effect, so the more wind speed a fan generates, the cooler it will make you feel. The cooler your ceiling fan can make you feel, the higher you can raise your AC thermostat to conserve energy without sacrificing your level of comfort. Raising your thermostat by 10 degrees can save you up to 40% on your cooling bills, but you cannot raise your thermostat by 10 degrees if you focus only on ceiling fans that use less energy rather than ones that generate higher wind speed. To put this in perspective: A typical central air system uses about 3500 Watts when it is running, so if a ceiling fan that uses 100 watts allows you to raise your thermostat a couple degrees higher than a more "efficient" fan that uses only 50 watts, the savings you will get by raising your AC thermostat a couple degrees higher is far more than the difference of 50 watts between the two fans. With that said, a ceiling fan that uses less watts yet produces higher wind speed is a win-win.

Ceiling Fan Comparison Graph

  • 5
  • 3.28
  • 5670
  • 193
  • 29
  • Quality
  • MPH
  • CFM
  • Efficiency
  • Watts
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • 0
Breeze rating Info Breeze rating is from 1 to 5 where 5 is the strongest breeze!
Wind Speed Factor Info The higher the Wind Speed Factor the cooler you will feel! 3.28 MPH

Performance Data

Speed RPMs CFMs Amps Watts EPA Efficiency
High 191 5670 0.53 29 196
Med 109 4108 0.13 9 456
Low 51 2032 0.05 3 677

"-" means that the data was not available at the time this information was published or the manufacturer simply does not test for the data that is missing.

Operational Cost Calculator

Fan Watts Light Watts Cost of Electricity/kWh Hours/Day Days/Year
$ hours days
Blade Span CFM Wind Speed MPH Wind Speed LFM Calculate
3.28 MPH 0 LFM
Enter the CFM and Blade Span. Read About Wind Speed Here!

This label is required by the FTC to be published
by any company selling this fan on the Internet.

at High Speed

Cubic Feet
Per Minute
(excludes lights)
Airflow Efficiency
Cubic Feet Per
Minute Per Watt

Compare: 49" to 60" ceiling fans have airflow efficiencies
ranging from approximately 51 to 176 cubic feet per
minute per watt at high speed.

Money-Saving Tip: turn off fan when leaving room

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Minka Aire Simple F787-ORB in Oil Rubbed Bronze: What material is the fan motor housing, downrod and canopy made of?
Mark D on Apr 1, 2018
BEST ANSWER: To add to what Erick said.

More specifically, the motor is made from cold rolled steel which is very durable in outdoor locations when properly finished. The Brushed Nickel finish is in fact plated and then coated with a special UV and weather resistant enamel. The Oil Rubbed Bronze and White models are not painted but have a baked on powder coat finish that is specifically formulated for UV protection to minimize oxidation or fading over the years even in the harshest environments.
what are the dimensions of the mounting base?
Jody R on May 14, 2018

The canopy measures 5" in diameter at the ceiling. I am working on getting a picture of it as well.

Can this fan be mounted on a sloped ceiling?
Sherry K on Jun 3, 2018

It can hang on a typical angled ceiling up to 21 degrees without the need for any special hardware. If your ceiling has a steeper pitch you can purchase a . If you have a very steep pitch, like an A frame, there is a separate adapter (A245) that will take it up to 45 degrees.

can you wire two of these fans together to be controlled by same wall switch? remote control?
JAMES P on May 4, 2018

Yes you can program a single wall control or remote control to operate two fans. However, this is not recommended because it is too easy for the fans to get out of sync. As you are likely aware, remote controls are never 100% reliable for any device. So you may click the on button and for some reason one fan receives the signal and the other does not. Now you have one fan on and the other fan off. Same goes with any of the remote functions.

Bottom line, you can try to do it, but if you run into this issue, you will want to use two separate controls programmed to different frequencies.
Is a remote control included with this fan?
Linda M on Apr 3, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello Linda,

Yes, the hand held remote control transmitter and receiver come in the box with the fan. You can add an additional hand held trasmitter or wall transmitter that can work together if you wish, which is why we have the "Add EXTRA Controls" option.

Hope this helps.
Can this fan be used in a room with an 8' ceiling height?
Carol W on Feb 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it is perfect for an 8 foot ceiling with the hardware that comes in the box.
Minka Aire Simple F787-ORB in Oil Rubbed Bronze. What material are the fan blades made of?
pat h on Jan 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: They are made of weather resistant UV coated ABS plastic
3.0 / 5.0
1 Review
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Great looking quiet fan, but not too breezy
Great looking quiet fan, but you have to be directly under it to feel the gentle breeze even when turned to highest setting. Perhaps it would be best if located in an area with adjacent walls, but in our open air closed roof pergola it's not very efficient at moving the air. I'd return it but the installer took the packaging with him.
June 22, 2018
Rancho Mirage, CA
Response from Hansen Wholesale
Suzanne,Thanks for your review.<br /><br />What you have said is true for ALL ceiling fans, which is why we talk so much about airflow and Wind Speed on our website. We do try to make it very clear that the majority of the airflow you feel from a ceiling fan is directly beneath the fan. It is even more the case with outdoor areas like yours where the air is not in a confined space. Keep in mind that the airflow this fan produces is much stronger than most fans, so most fans would have left you somewhat disappointed.<br /><br />For those who are concerned about this issue, please read the details we have published at the bottom of our outdoor ceiling fans page here: <a href="" alt="Outdoor Ceiling Fans"><b>Outdoor Ceiling Fans</b></a><br /><br />Or give us a call so one of our ceiling fan exerts can recommend the best fan for you application: 1-800-201-1193
June 22, 2018
Greg T
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