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About Modern Ceiling Fans Ceiling Fans

The Modern ceiling fan designs by The Modern Fan Company are created by world renowned designer Ron Rezek and celebrate the modern idiom through mechanical simplification, geometric forms and contemporary finishes.

The Modern ceiling fans offered by Modern Fan Company represent a new direction for the Ron Rezek designed ceiling fans. The products have been re-considered and developed with the needs of the contract client in mind. Many changes have been incorporated into the fans to make them easier to install, more flexible in specification and simpler to maintain. This is the only ceiling fan collection developed exclusively for the needs of the contemporary design professional.

Along with developing new products, Ron Rezek continues to refine older ones in response to the needs of both the design professional and the end user.  Quality, both in products and service is our mantra. All Modern Fan Co. fans are produced under ISO 9002 standards.  They've acquired UL damp location listings for most of their fans, allowing  them to be used in high moisture areas and outdoors under cover.

The new modern ceiling fans continue to use the a one piece rotor, rather than conventional blade irons, simplifying both balance and blade installation. Many small changes have been incorporated, making the fans easier to install, more flexible in specification and simpler to maintain.  The Modern Fan Co. offers the only exclusively contemporary collection of contract quality  ceiling fans on the market. We hope they suit your needs.

The Modern Fan Co. is service oriented.  All products are built and configured to order and shipped within a few days. They also have custom capabilities for the institutional specifier. Modern Fan Co. fans are displayed and serviced by selected lighting showrooms nationwide.

About Ron Rezek

Ron Rezek is a design entrepreneur. He is founder of, and designer for, The Modern Fan Company, manufacturer of contemporary and modern ceiling fans. He also established Highlights, a high-end group of lighting showrooms, and founded, and CO-owns (with Artemide), Ron Rezek Lighting. His lighting and ceiling fans are state-of-the-art and reflect his philosophy of "simplicity in form and economy in production." Ron's masterful designs have attracted a huge following of sophisticated consumers who understand, appreciate, and buy his products.

What makes Ron Rezek and modern ceiling fans so unique? His work is a clear expression of his love of good design and his commitment to modern design aesthetics. Ron credits Henry Dreyfuss, Charles Eames, Neils Different, and Don Chadwick, his teachers, as his major influences. He is also indebted to Deborah Sussman and Frank Gehry, two former employers, for their contributions to his design education.

After receiving a M.F.A. from UCLA, Ron spent his early career teaching at UCLA's art and architecture departments, the Art Center College of Design, and Southern California Institute of Architecture.

What do "Bay Watch" and Ron Rezek have in common? Sorry, he didn't date Pamela Anderson, but he did design the rescue float carried by lifeguards around the world and set up Surf Saving International to manufacture and distribute this equipment in 1990.

While continuing to teach, Ron participated in design exhibitions where he translated his passion for simple design into modern light fixtures. In 1978, encouraged by the response to several of his own lighting designs, Ron started Ron Rezek Lighting. His goal was to modernize the decorative lighting industry.

In the 80's, Ron's leadership in lighting design earned him respect as a contemporary designer. A successful, California based ceiling fan company entrusted Ron with the redesign of their product line to attract an upscale, contemporary minded client. By 1988, Ron had designed seven innovative, and modern ceiling fans, including the "Stratos," which continues to define 21st century ceiling fan design.

Clients that employed Ron's design expertise included: Herman Miller, Monarch Mirror, Del Rey Lighting, Fredrick Raymond Lighting, Halsey Lighting, and Lavi Industries.

As a designer of modern lighting, Ron was always disappointed by the way contemporary lighting was presented and sold. According to Ron, "In showrooms, my products were inevitably displayed between crystal chandeliers and baroque lamps. I felt that a lighting showroom with only current lighting designs would serve both the retail and design communities. I envisioned a 'gallery of lights' featuring the best modern designs." This dissatisfaction was the inspiration for Highlights, a group of lighting showrooms, the first of which opened in 1990.

In 1997, Ron renewed his creativity with contemporary ceiling fan design and founded The Modern Fan Company. Motivated by his belief that the ubiquitous Victorian style design left a lot to be desired, Ron went on to design and produce twelve, sleek, simple, and modern ceiling fans. The Modern Fan Company was the first to produce a ceiling fan with fluorescent lighting and is a charter member of EPA's Energy Star program, which recognizes excellence in product efficiency.

Ron Rezek divides his time between Southern Oregon and Los Angeles.

About Energy Efficiency and Energy Star!

The Modern Fan Company, a leader in the design and development of new ceiling fan technologies, participated as a Charter Partner in the Environmental Protection Agency's recently launched ENERGY STAR program for ceiling fans. As of January 1st, 2002, qualified ceiling fans are bearing the ENERGY STAR label, indicating these products' superior energy efficiency. Cooperative efforts between several manufacturers and ENERGY STAR consultants established specifications for ceiling fan efficiency requirements, standardized testing methods and facilitated construction of commercial testing facilities.

Of particular importance to the launch of the program was The Modern Fan Company's success with compact fluorescent lighting technology in ceiling fans. In early 2001, as meetings began taking place for the development of the program, Modern Fan was the only manufacturer working with CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). As it turns out, the lighting component of a ceiling fan uses more electricity than the motor. While motor efficiency is paramount to the ENERGY STAR program, there is an even greater opportunity for energy savings relative to ceiling fan light kits. Hence, use of CFLs is a requirement for a ceiling fan with a light to bear the ENERGY STAR label.

Modern Fan Company founder and product designer, Ron Rezek, had the foresight and will to incorporate use of CFLs in his fan designs years ago. Rezek has been a long time proponent of energy conservation and is thrilled to see increased awareness of the benefits of CFL technology, and more widespread use.

Modern Ceiling Fans are an environmentally correct choice for comfort control as an alternative to, or in supplementing air conditioning. Now, ENERGY STAR labeled fans and fan lights ensure even greater savings throughout the year. Over half of The Modern Fan Company's products currently exceed the criteria set by ENERGY STAR, and the company is working on several new products designed to meet these standards.