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Project #10781 - Glass Doors for Fireplace

Customer Comments: The dimensions of the fireplace opening are 47 inches wide and 37 inches tall. It is a full masonry wood burning fireplace but has a propane gas log in use. There is no pilot as it is an electric start. The problem is that the flue must be open at all times. I would like to have bifold glass doors that are air tight as possible. Bi-fold as the hearth is 20 inches wide and I do not want the glass door to extend beyond the hearth when the fireplace is in use with the doors open. Frame should be in a dark color and one that won't rust. I am open to suggestions

Our Comments: The doors featured below are the highest quality fireplace doors you can buy in the USA and are made to outlast the owner. Rust is not a factor as the brass is finished like fine jewelry and then coated with a baked on enamel that will last for many years, so there is no polishing necessary. The frame would be precision made to overlap the inner edge of your mantel within a 1 1/6" tolerance.

Choosing the Finish: Your magnificent Chandelier is the most predominant fixture in the room that the fireplace door needs to compliment. The weathered brass finish is a great choice if you wish to use the chandelier as the influence. Aged brass or Bronze Patina are also excellent choices that will blend well with the chandelier yet add a little variation in tone to compliment the mantel. It is not possible for us to create mockups in finishes like these, so we used Weathered Brass to create the mockups. Please refer to the finish pallet below to select your finish.

Fireplace Opening: 47" W x 37" H

Note: These mock-ups are not to scale and are meant to help you choose the model of your screen or door, not the finish. Although we may create a general representation of black, iron, bronze, gold and silver tones, you must choose your finish from our samples using the links below. Ask your project manager which samples apply to the items in your project.

Finish Samples: Design Specialties Finishes | Stone Manufacturing Finishes | Hearth Creations Finishes

Important Note:
About Finishes!

After: This is the actual picture after the door was installed. The customer chose Option #4.

Hand Crafted Solid Brass Doors

These doors are hand crafted by skilled artisans from Solid Brass. These doors are very high end, and very refined. Items made from solid brass come in a wide variety of Trims with Hand Crafted Patinas and Finishes. Weathered brass appears to be very close to your chandelier, so we have chosen that as our recommendation.

Solid Brass
DF1G-MCM Solid Brass Fireplace Door with Mini Crown Molding Option #1: DF1G-MCM Solid Brass Fireplace Doors with Mini Crown Molding Outer Trim in Weathered Brass. Shown with Concealed Damper at Bottom of Frame.
Solid Brass
DF1G Solid Brass Fireplace Door with Half Round Door Trim Option #2: DF1G-HALF-ROUND Solid Brass Fireplace Doors with Half Round Door Trim in Weathered Brass. Shown with Concealed Damper at Bottom of Frame.
Solid Brass
HHFL-CVBF Solid Brass Fireplace Door Option #3: HHFL-CVBF Solid Brass Fireplace Doors with Hidden Hinges and Reed and Ribbon Handles in Weathered Brass. Shown with No Damper at Bottom of Frame. We included a closeup of the handle sitting on the table. This is just a little flare to add a touch of class similar to what is at the bottom of your chandelier.
Solid Brass
DF1G-52 Solid Brass Fireplace Door Option #4: DF1G-52 Solid Brass Fireplace Doors with Burnt Sienna Outer Frame and Weather Brass Half Oval Door Trim. Shown with Clear Beveled Glass and Concealed Bottom Vent.


Finishes - Antique Brass and Patina Finish Pallet.

Other Pictures

Fig #1 - Closeup
Fig #2 - Room Setting
Fig #3 - Room Setting
Fig #4 - Chandelier
Fig #5 - Table
Fig #6 - Top Left
Fig #7 - Bottom Left
Fig #8 - Damper

Mesh & Insulation Options

The Mesh options are behind the glass so you can burn the fire with the doors open and still have spark protection. Great for real wood or gas logs since most gas long manufacturers insist that you have a screen in front of the logs when they are burning. Mesh panel doors are the most popular and are best for when there are toddlers present because they will not open backwards whereas the mesh screens are easily pushed in. Insulation goes between the back of the frame and the fireplace facing, providing a better seal.

Black Mesh Curtains - These slide back and forth on a rod behind the glass
Gate Mesh Doors - These are separate doors behind the glass that have a flat wire mesh and a black frame.
Insulation: Provides a better seal between the fireplace face and the door frame.

This page was created as part of our Free Fireplace Door Design service. Anyone who has a fireplace and is considering glass doors can take advantage of this program. All you have to do is email us some pictures of your fireplace and we will create digital mock-ups showing you how various fireplace doors will look on your fireplace. This is hands down the best way to shop for fireplace doors. Click Here to Begin Your Own Project!