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Project #10792 - Glass Doors for Fireplace

Customer Comments: Hi there, Felix. Thanks for your time on the phone a little while ago. Our company remodels houses, but we’ve never had such an unusual shaped fireplace. the opening is 60 wide by 30 hi. I know if you need any further information.

Our Comments: Due to the irregularities in the bricks at the top of the opening combined with the thickness of the lintel, we recommend using a frame at least 2" to 2 1/2" wide depending on the variance. We have created mockups in several price ranges for this application.

Fireplace Opening: 60" W x 30" H


Low End Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is an excellent material for fireplace doors because it does not rust and can handle high temperatures when treated with powder coated finishes. It is also the most affordable.

Savannah Fireplace Door Option #1: Savannah Fireplace Glass Door in Rustic Black with Mesh Curtains. This door has a 3" Wide Frame.

Medium Range Steel Doors

Steel doors are more substantial than the less expensive aluminum doors. They are heavy duty and rugged and are more customizable because the frames are laser cut.

Legend Fireplace Door Option #2: Legend Fireplace Glass Door with 2" Wide Frame in Forged Iron with Mesh Curtains.

High End Hand Crafted Wrought Iron/Steel Doors

Hand crafted doors take on a more rugged natural look for those who appreciate craftsmanship tasteful details.

Craftsman Glass Door Option #3: Craftsman Fireplace Door with 2" Wide Frame in Forged Iron with Mesh Curtains.
Wrought Iron
Wrought Iron Fireplace Door Option #4: WI-DF1G Hand Crafted Wrought Iron Folding Cabinet Fireplace Door with 2" Wide Hammered Edge Frame in Oil Rubbed Steel with Mesh Curtains.

Measuring Diagram

We need the variance in dimensions, smallest and largest width and height. We noticed some chipped bricks, so we need to know how wide to make the frame in order to cover those. We would make the frame 1/2" wider on both sides than the largest dimensions. We need to find the lowest height from the hearth to the lintel and the tallest height from the hearth to the top edge of the most chipped brick.

Measuring Diagram:

W1: Smallest Width:
W2: Largest Width - Chipped Brick:
H1: Lowest Height from Hearth to Lintel:
H2: Largest Height to Chipped Brick:

Other Pictures

Fig #1 - Closeup
Fig #2 - Room Setting
Fig #3 - Left Side
Fig #4 - Right Side
Fig #5 - Lintel