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Wrought Iron Doors for Rustic Fireplace - Project #11103

Customer Comments: I am interested in a custom screened fireplace door for my fireplace. Attached are the three requested pictures. The fireplace opening measures 23.5 x 42.75. I’m looking for a black, forged iron, simple rustic design

Our Comments: Here are quite a few options. Each of these are glass doors with gate mesh backup doors behind the glass. If you want mesh instead of glass, they can all be made that way as well. There are 2 examples that can be mortared in due to the way they are designed to allow air into the fireplace. All of these doors must be burned with the glass open except for Option #3.

Fireplace Opening: 42 3/4" W x 23 1/2" H

Note: These mock-ups are not to scale and are meant to help you choose the model of your screen or door, not the finish. Although we may create a general representation of black, iron, bronze, gold and silver tones, you must choose your finish from our samples using the links below. Ask your project manager which samples apply to the items in your project.

Finish Samples: Design Specialties Finishes | Stone Manufacturing Finishes | Hearth Creations Finishes

Important Note:
About Finishes!


Affordable Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is an excellent material for fireplace doors because it does not rust and can handle high temperatures when treated with powder coated finishes. It is also the most affordable.

Profile 4
Profile 4 Fireplace Door Option #1: Profile 4 Fireplace Glass Door in Matte Black.

Medium Range Steel Doors

Steel doors are more substantial than the less expensive aluminum doors. They are heavy duty and rugged and are more customizable because the frames are laser cut.

Trimvent Fireplace Door Option #2: Trimvent Fireplace Glass Door in Matte Black. This is a combination of steel and aluminum.
Legend Fireplace Door Option #3: Legend Fireplace Glass Door.

High End Hand Crafted Wrought Iron/Steel Doors

Hand crafted doors take on a more rugged natural look for those who appreciate craftsmanship tasteful details.

Iron Age 1
Iron Age 1 Fireplace Door Option #4: Iron Age 1 Fireplace Glass Door with Hammered Texture and Straps in Matte Black. This door can be mortared in.
Iron Age 2
Iron Age 2 Fireplace Door Option #5: Iron Age 2 Fireplace Glass Door with Hammered Texture in Matte Black.
Iron Age 4
Iron Age 4 Fireplace Door Option #6: Iron Age 4 Fireplace Glass Door with Hammered Texture and Old World Banding in Metallic Latte.
Iron Age 6
Iron Age 6 Fireplace Door Option #7: Iron Age 6 Fireplace Glass Door with Wrought Iron Detail in Matte Black.
Iron Age 6
Iron Age 6 Fireplace Door Option #8: Iron Age 6 Fireplace Glass Door with Wrought Iron Detail and Arch Conversion in Matte Black. Shown with wide frame and overlap fit.

Other Pictures

Fig #1 - Closeup
Fig #2 - Room Setting

Mesh & Insulation Options

The Mesh options are behind the glass so you can burn the fire with the doors open and still have spark protection. Great for real wood or gas logs since most gas long manufacturers insist that you have a screen in front of the logs when they are burning. Mesh panel doors are the most popular and are best for when there are toddlers present because they will not open backwards whereas the mesh screens are easily pushed in. Insulation goes between the back of the frame and the fireplace facing, providing a better seal.

Black Mesh Curtains - These slide back and forth on a rod behind the glass
Gate Mesh Doors - These are separate doors behind the glass that have a flat wire mesh and a black frame.
Insulation: Provides a better seal between the fireplace face and the door frame.

This page was created as part of our Free Fireplace Door Design service. Anyone who has a fireplace and is considering glass doors can take advantage of this program. All you have to do is email us some pictures of your fireplace and we will create digital mock-ups showing you how various fireplace doors will look on your fireplace. This is hands down the best way to shop for fireplace doors. Click Here to Begin Your Own Project!