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Glass Doors for Full Arch Fireplace - Project #11408

Customer Comments: Hello, We are looking to purchase a fireplace door that will fit our arched fireplace. We're a simple design. Something black in color with tinted glass is preferred. I saw a picture of something very close to what we are looking for in the "Stone Manufacturing" section of your arched fireplace door page. The model was titled "#142 - EC-DF Arched B". We like this style with a few modifications. We would want bi-fold doors (not on a track), we would want to omit the design inside of the doors so that it is just glass, and we would want a screen/curtain of some sort behind the glass covering the opening for safety while burning a fire. Fixed end panels are ok, if necessary. Tight fitting doors are also something we'd like to have, mainly to seal off fireplace/flue smells from coming back into the room a bit when not burning a fire. Looking forward to see what is possible!

Our Comments: The ED Arched door from Stone Manufacturing is an ideal choice, and the only door that can be made with piano hinges, which are unique in the industry. It is also the most expensive, so we included a similar door from Design Specialties that uses bullet hinges at half the price. For both doors, we added a little extra width to the frame at the bottom in order to allow the use of hinges without large fixed end panels. This will maximilze the viewing area.

Fireplace Opening: 48" W x 32" H (tallest)

Note: These mock-ups are not to scale and are meant to help you choose the model of your screen or door, not the finish. Although we may create a general representation of black, iron, bronze, gold and silver tones, you must choose your finish from our samples using the links below. Ask your project manager which samples apply to the items in your project.

Finish Samples: Design Specialties Finishes | Stone Manufacturing Finishes | Hearth Creations Finishes

Important Note:
About Finishes!


High End Piano Hinge Door

These doors are hand crafted by skilled artisans at Stone Manufacturing and feature high end solid brass latches and other brass components. In this case, they use a unique piano hinge that and allows the most minimal hinge area with maximum support of the doors.

Frameless Door
Piano Hinge Arch Door Option #1: Stone Manufacturing EC Piano Hinge Arched Fireplace Door with Folding Cabinet Doors (bifold w/center frame). Dark Graylite-14 Glass with Gate Mesh Backup Doors. Graylite-14 glass is about twice as dark as the gray glass used by Design Specialties.

Medium Range Steel Doors

Made by Design Specialties, this door requires a slightly wider frame at the base to support the bullet hings and the gray glass is lighter, but the price is about half that of the door from Stone Manufacturing.

Legend Arch
Legend Arched Fireplace Door Option #2: Design Specialties Legend Arched Fireplace Glass Door with Folding Cabinet Doors, Standard Gray Tinted Glass and Gate Mesh Backup Doors.

Other Pictures

Fig #1 - Closeup
Fig #2 - Room Setting

Mesh & Insulation Options

The Mesh options are behind the glass so you can burn the fire with the doors open and still have spark protection. Great for real wood or gas logs since most gas long manufacturers insist that you have a screen in front of the logs when they are burning. Mesh panel doors are the most popular and are best for when there are toddlers present because they will not open backwards whereas the mesh screens are easily pushed in. Insulation goes between the back of the frame and the fireplace facing, providing a better seal.

Black Mesh Curtains - These slide back and forth on a rod behind the glass
Gate Mesh Doors - These are separate doors behind the glass that have a flat wire mesh and a black frame.
Insulation: Provides a better seal between the fireplace face and the door frame.

This page was created as part of our Free Fireplace Door Design service. Anyone who has a fireplace and is considering glass doors can take advantage of this program. All you have to do is email us some pictures of your fireplace and we will create digital mock-ups showing you how various fireplace doors will look on your fireplace. This is hands down the best way to shop for fireplace doors. Click Here to Begin Your Own Project!