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Minka Aire Replacement Remote Control Transmitters & Receivers

Minka Aire remote controls are among the most reliable on the market: That being said, there are always cases where these parts either fail from fatigue, get fried in an electrical storm or power surge, or simply get lost or misplaced. Finding the correct replacement remote transmitters and receivers for Minka Aire ceiling fans used to be difficult until we created the reference chart below on this page. On this page you will find which remote controls and transmitters are compatible with most Minka Aire ceiling fans. We have also included some Madison Avenue ceiling fans that were manufactured by Minka Aire.

Recommendation: It is not uncommon that a transmitter and a receiver will have a similar life span, so whenever you replace a remote transmitter or receiver, we suggest that you replace both components at the same time. This will insure that they are compatible and they are both starting fresh with the same life-span. This also reduces frustration when trying to fix a fan that operates intermittently because the transmitter or receiver (or both) have begun failing.

Instructions - Replacing both Transmitter and Receiver: If you replace both the Remote Transmitter and Remote Receiver for your fan, then simply purchase the 256 Bit version of each part that matches the model of your ceiling fan. This will ensure that you have the latest and best control that is compatible with your fan. The model number of your fan can be found on a label affixed to the top of the fan motor housing or the actual motor inside the fan (on some hugger models). Minka Aire fan models will have a suffix that indicates the finish, such as "-WH" for white or "-BN" for brushed nickel. Ignore the suffix in the fan model number when referring to the Fan Model column in our chart below. For example: F516-BN would match up with model F516, which is the Concept I 44.

Instructions - Replacing ONLY Transmitter or Receiver: If you choose not to replace both the transmitter and receiver at the same time, it is more critical that you get the right transmitter to match your existing receiver (or visa versa). Otherwise, your fan most likely will not work at all, or you will find yourself frustrated because it works intermittently. This is one good reason why it is best to replace both transmitter and receiver at the same time. In order to ensure you get the proper part, you will need to find the Rhine number that is on a label somewhere on the part. You must find an exact match to the Rhine number for the part you need. Any variation in the Rhine number is NOT a match and most likely will result in ordering the wrong part (see note below about returns*). For example: Rhine #7067IM-19A is NOT compatible with #7067IM-19 or 7067IM-19D. If you have lost your hand held remote control, you will need to find the Rhine number on the receiver unit that is located inside the fan so that you can refer to the chart below to see which transmitter works with it. If you cannot locate the Rhine number, then purchase a new 256 Bit Transmitter and Receiver that matches your fan model as per the previous instructions.

Remote Wall Controls: Any of the controls listed below that start with "WC" are remote wall controls. A remote wall control works just like a hand held remote control, except the wires in the wall provide power to the transmitter instead of a battery. Remote wall controls send out a radio frequency to the fan just like a hand held transmitter, and therefore have the same requirement for a matching receiver unit inside the fan.

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*Returns for parts on this page will not be accepted: Be sure to read the instructions above thoroughly so that you do not order the wrong part. The only case where a return may be authorized is if you have ordered an incorrect part based on invalid information you found in our chart (we're pretty confident it is accurate). If somehow this happens, we will be happy to exchange the part for the righ one and make any corrections to the information above that are necessary.

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