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Custom Legend ZC Steel Glass Doors with 8-Pane Design

"We love the fireplace doors/screens and they work great: This isn't the best picture, but I already had it laying around from when I emailed it to Erick Belshe at your company last year. I had a similar set of doors for our main floor fireplace made by the same company several years ago when the house was built. I was worried about a custom door at the time, fearing it would be "off" somehow or would be a bear to install, but it fit perfectly and installed in minutes. That experience emboldened me to do the same for our basement fireplace last year through your company.

I really like the Design Specialties doors. They offer a wide variety of designs along with different grid patterns for the glass, a wide variety of finishes, a wide variety of door handles--basically you can customize everything! They are one of the few companies I know of who offer bi-fold glass doors with gate mesh screens (after years of using fireplaces, I consider this arrangement to be the most practical and convenient combination).

Obviously with a custom made design, specified over a distance, there are all sorts of opportunities to screw up--not only errors in the dimensions, but incorrect finishes, accessories, etc. In our case, there was an additional custom curve ball--the fireplace draft control required a special cutout in the frame to clear the control lever throughout its' range of motion, but the cutout couldn't compromise the structural integrity of the frame. You helped me through that process which would have been a nightmare otherwise.

When the doors arrived, I crossed my fingers and when I set the door-set in place, it slid right in and all I had to do wasn't tighten the thumbscrews. The draft control worked perfectly, there were no gaps around the frame, no uneveness, nothing crooked--everything was perfect! It honestly took me longer to get the doors out of the shipping box than it did to install them.

So I highly recommend Design Specialties doors for someone who wants/needs a perfect door-set and I very highly recommend people purchase them through your company if they want things to go as smoothly as possible! The company I ordered my main floor door-set from was happy to take the order, but made it clear they couldn't provide any advice or guidance, so getting things right was all on me.

Regards, Bob"

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Order Specifications:

This describes the items featured in this project exactly as they were ordered:

Brand: Design Specialties
Legend ZC Glass Door
Twin Gate Mesh
Clear Glass
Vintage Iron
Classic Handles
8 Pane Door Style
Bi-Folding Doors 
4 Sided Frame
Cut Out in sub frame for air inlet

Opening: 36" W x 28 1/2" H
Make To: 36 1/2" W x 29" H

Notch subframe to accommodate
lever on left side of fireplace.
Notch to be from bottom of
subframe up 6" vertically

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