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Hansen Wholesale Testimonials: Here's what happy customers are saying about Hansen Wholesale. The personal information in these reviews may have been edited to maintain the privacy of those who have provided testimonials. Typos and misspellings have been left unedited. Please email us your testimonial or feedback to so we can publish it here. Send your email to: If you can include some pictures (before and after), that would be great!

October 2016 - Gas Logs - So Lovely


I have attached a photo of the living room fireplace in action. We had dinner in front of it last night. So lovely. Once I have finished up the woodpile and the gas logs are inserted, I will send you a photo of the family room fireplace in action.


September 2016 - Love our fans!


I LOVE the Pireos fans we purchased from you! I was very pleased with the great price we got on these terrific fans and the 12% Craftmade discount was really helpful. We could not have received such a great price on a fan that met all our requirements from any other company.

We both love these fans, they are beautiful. I did a lot of online research to try and find a ceiling fan that would fit our requirements, and then my husband recommended your website. This Pireos fan fits the bill for our rooms’ needs, and I was so happy to find it. Our home is ’off grid’, so we were looking for a DC motor fan which uses much less energy than an AC motor fan. Our great room (living, dining and kitchen) has Douglas Fir ceiling beams, and so we wanted to find a small fan that would kind of fit in between the beams without hanging down too far. I didn’t want a big fan hanging down in the room that would interfere with the look of the place or that would be all I’d see when I looked into the living room. Most ceiling fans are pretty big with wide arching blades, and so it was good to find one that was small and pretty. This fan fits perfectly in between the beams, and hangs down just a little bit below both the beams and the kitchen lights so there was no problem with it running into anything. The track lights in our living room and the kitchen lights are all an oil-rubbed bronze color - I was so happy to find the Pireos which matched both the bronze fixtures and the Doug Fir wood beams. Even though the blades are not wood, the stain on them matches pretty darn well to the Doug Fir!

My husband has installed the fan in the living room; has not yet had a chance to install the others in the kitchen and the bedrooms. He didn’t have any problems installing it, other than not understanding how to sync the remote and wall plate with the fan (we called CS and they were very helpful!). Note: they were also very helpful in instructing my husband in the correct way to sync the other three fans to their own remotes, so as not to interfere with the living room one, something we hadn’t thought of. It works very well, runs pretty much silently, and is great for helping to move the air around in the house, which of course was the reason we purchased the fans - no forced air conditioning in the house.

I will take a couple pictures shortly and send them to you - I’d be happy to.

I can see why the Pireos is one of your favorites, Greg - it’s really a wonderful fan, very pretty, streamlined, simple, not ’industrial-looking’ and is very well made. I highly recommend this fan to your other customers.

Additionally, I would like to thank you and Hansen for having such great products, website and Customer Service. My experience reviewing the fans on your website and making my selection and purchase was very easy and smooth and problem-free. I really appreciate it!


September 2016 - Thanks Terry


Thanks for your help picking out my fan. I installed it yesterday, and I love it.


August 2016 - The fans as they look & work great!

Hi Terry,

I’m very glad that we waited on the fans as they look & work great!! We’re interested in purchasing more...



August 2016 - I LOVE my fan


Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE my fan. Thank you so much for your help in guiding me to this one. The quality is obvious and I know I will enjoy it for many years. Thanks again,


August 2016 - continued outstanding customer service.


Thank you for your continued outstanding customer service. The 2 Emerson fans are terrific.You are the main reason i do business with Hansen Wholesale. When I purchase the new chandelier I will make sure I speak with you.Again my sincerest thank you.


August 2016 - Thank you so much for your help!!

Hello Terry,

Thank you so much for your help!! I remember speaking with you last year on the spinning fan plus others- you were so helpful then. And, that is why I called back to your website to consider purchasing a fan from your company. You were very professional, gave complete and concise information to help me decide on the best fan for my outdoor area. Hansen should be proud to have you as an employee!

thank you again! I will review these to decide which is best for me. I will pass along to anyone of my friends how good your customer care is at Hansen because of you.

best regards,


August 2016 - Love the new fans!


Love the new fans! Just got an email today to let me know the remotes are going to be delivered tomorrow. That being said thank you and please say thanks to Terry Barnett for all of his help!

Now I need your help again, is there any chance of getting one more of these fans and the additional remote to match what I have just purchased. My better half loves them so much that she wants to put up one in the living room. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.



August 2016 - I really appreciate being able to call...


I really appreciate being able to call and have someone knowledgeable help us over the phone. Your website was very informative too. Thank you for correcting the color to brushed steel, and also for the discount!


August 2016 - You are The BEST!


Such a pleasure doing business with you….I’ve never had anyone email me back.. telling me I ‘missed a discount”….WOW…so impressed…I’ll keep your contact information and as my friends see my updated Master Bedroom and comment on my beautiful new Casablanca Fan….I’ll tell them about Hansen Wholesale! You are The BEST! Sincerely,


August 2016 - Order Confirmation

Thank You,,

Just wanted to tell you, the kindness of your rep on the phone (perhaps it was you) when I called with questions is what made me make this purchase with Hansen and not with another company. I appreciate the time and courtesy.

As for my order, things are a bit time sensitive, so anything you can do to push things along, I would also appreciate.



August 2016 - Fan Installed


You should be pleased to know that all of my fans are installed and THEY ARE GREAT!


August 2016 - Pleasure doing business with you


Thx! Pleasure doing business with you. Confident I'm getting a much better value fan that meets our needs better than using some big box store. Lot's of great info on the site and in talking to you. Excellent experience!


August 2016 - Thanks for the great customer service Erick!


I was in the dark about about ceiling fan specifications and I couldn't find the level of information your site provided anywhere else.


August 2016 - Excellent customer service


Wanted to let you know I have spoken with Andrew and he is handling it. Excellent customer service. He is a gentleman and very professional. Great representation of your company


August 2016 - Your company is the best!

Hansen Wholesale,

Your company is the best! Thanks so much.


August 2016 - Felt your company was one of the best

Hansen Wholesale,

I read an article, if memory serves me right it was from Hansen, which was so very informative on what is most important in picking an over head fan. For my space and money I applied these important tips and came up with this fan. My husband, usually not wanting to spend the money, took one look at it and said get it. Felt your company was one of the best on the list to buy from.

Thank You,


August 2016 - Thank you Terry

Thank you, Terry,

It was great talking to you. From the time I started reading the guides on your website, to the in-depth conversation we had on the phone, I received an entire education on ceiling fans. Prior to today, I was just like your website claimed, I chose a fan based on appearance and price, and that was it. Now I know the difference that airflow and quality can make. It sounded like you owned your company, from your knowledge and professionalism. If you don't, you should at least get profit sharing, or a sales commission! Please pass on how thrilled I am with your customer service. I haven't been this satisfied with a purchase, since I can remember. Maybe, ever! I have every confidence that the fan will be perfect for my application.

Thanks again, and I wish the best, and safe travels, for your daughter while she is at sea.


August 2016 - We love this fan!


We love this fan! Thank you for the great customer service. with best regards,


August 2016 - U guys are awesome to work with.

Hansen Wholesale,

Thanks. U guys are awesome to work with.


August 2016 - Thank You For Your Help!

Christina and Terry,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank both of you for your assistance with my wife’s and my orders. Shopping on line is generally an impersonal experience, but somehow you both have altered the equation in excellent fashion. I do not recall having cause to write a thank you note for something I have purchased, but the two of you have changed that as well.

Thanks again and continue all of your fine efforts with other customers.


August 2016 - Thank you so much Erick!


Thank you so much Erick! That made shopping for ceiling fans so easy. I thought that would be my least favorite thing to do during home remodeling. :)



August 2016 - Thank you Erick


Thank you Erick. By far the best website and customer service I have dealt with in a long time.


August 2016 - Thanks so much


Thanks so much for your help and great customer assistance!



Hi Terry!,

I received the 2 boxes on Tuesday and had them installed that evening. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! And, even though it's been 70 degrees here in Houston, I've been enjoying them while running my a/c!

Thanks, again, for everything!


August 2016 - Thank you so much!


Thank you so much! And thank you for all your help. We will certainly recommend you to others in our area who are in the market for ceiling fans. We appreciate your wonderful customer service and great prices.


August 2016 - World class communication and customer service

Good Morning!,

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your world class communication and customer service. I am a small business owner and we strive every day to give the level of service which I received from you. It’s really refreshing to deal with people who care- Thank you again!


July 2016 - Thanks Terry


Logs working, my installer said Peterson was best logs, made me feel really good and grateful you gave option with reasons to upgrade selection.


July 2016 - Defective Product - Customer Service


I am not certain this is your department, but please take or share credit where it is due. After the experience with my last Supra 32", I was really expecting a slightly better experience with the replacement fan and blades, at best. I was thinking it was just not the fan for me, despite such great experience with my other three Minka-Aire fans in my house. I was terribly wrong. This replacement fan is what I had dreamed of in the first place. I am in shock in the best way possible. Super strong airflow that is way more than any competing fans in the same size, silent operation, no balancing required, zero wobble, no more noises, and looks perfect! I am so glad that despite the first fan being terrible in several ways, and customer service lacking initially, you won me back and then some. All of you at Minka and HansenWholesale came through for me in the end. Thank you a million times over!

Rest assured, I will be back to your company for future fan purchases. Now four out of four of my Minka fans are running on high, silently and reliably for the last bit of a very hot Texas summer and fall. Enjoy your evening.

Much Appreciation to All,


Reviews below this line were added using our older system and are not dated:

Review Topic - Customer Service

This correspondence was regarding a ceiling fan receiver that was defective

Ms Samora

I received the harness recently and I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. I truly appreciate your support and it has certainly made me a loyal supporter of your company.

Thanks again


Review Topic - The best company I’ve worked with

Attn: webmaster

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of your reps as I’ve placed an order for a number of fans and extended downrods. Each and every time I’ve contacted the company, I’ve enjoyed being treated as a priority rather than an intrusion; very uncommon with customer service departments these days. Hansen does an incredible job sourcing the right personalities to handle this department; they are always easy-going, friendly and accommodating. As an individual who has been dealing with customer service departments across the nation as I build a house out-of-the-country, Hansen is hands-down, the best company I’ve worked with. Thank you to everyone there for making my shopping and ordering easy & hassle-free!


Review Topic - Thank You For Andrew

I just wanted to send a little note to Hansen Wholesale regarding the sales rep, Andrew Tompkins. I have had a lot of things going on all at one time. My mother died. She had advanced Alzheimer’s. I had to put her house up for sale 2 days after her memorial. Things keep breaking and this Fan light was one of them. He was very helpful and understanding. I would order again from your company because of the way he helped me. I believe when someone does an exceptional job it should be noted.

Thank you for Andrew,


Review Topic - Highly Recommend Hansen Wholesale


I received the Casablanca Durant ceiling fan on Friday and installed it the next day. Thanks! The fan arrived unscathed, as did the controller. The fan + the controller was PERFECT for my needs. Quality made and looks great! I'd highly recommend Hansen Wholesale to my friends.

Thanks Again,

/Don M.

Review Topic - Thank You

Hi Greg and Everyone Else at Hansen Wholesale,

I am in the process of placing my second order at Hansen Wholesale. I first stumbled across Hansen when I was preparing to purchase fans for our new home about 2 years ago. In the past, we had only purchased fans from local large hardware stores. I was never very happy with them because they were not quiet and they wobbled when we ran them. I wanted these new fans to be different!

I looked for the quietest and most stable fans and ended up with two identical motors; only the blades were different. I cannot state more astutely how perfectly happy we are with the fans. They are easy to operate with the remote controls and they are quiet and DO NOT wobble. Ahhh! We had a handyman install them and again it was very easy for him to do...although he did need a helper to help lift and hold it during the installation.

Now, we are preparing to move to another home and I am buying, again, the same fans for that home. This time, I requested information from you as to what we had purchased before and immediately I received a copy of the previous order. Already I have spoken on the phone with one of your staff helping me to select the color/style most appropriate for the new home. I don't know any other company that gives such personal service!

Thank you again for everything oriented to the customer.

Kind regards,


Review Topic - Easiest Process

Just wanted you to know that I received my item and it is perfect. I know it was only a $12 sale, but must say this had to be the easiest process and quickest delivery I've ever had with an on-line purchase. Keep up the great work!! Your newest loyal customer:)


Review Topic - Gas Logs


I promised to send pictures once logs were installed. We are very pleased with looks, performance and ease of installation. Thanks for providing a good product.


View These Gas Logs

Review Topic - Love my FAN!!!


Got my Fandelier up yesterday and I LOVE it!!!!!...I just need to have it lowered about 1 more foot. Gonna work on that next week!!!!

Thanks so much Terry!!!!!....

Pam P.

Review Topic - VERY pleased


Review - I wanted to let you know that my new construction was just completed and I'm VERY pleased with the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco fan. It looks beautiful and it runs smoothly and quietly. I will say the pewter finish is much darker than I expected but still lovely. As for Hansen, I appreciate the abundance of information on your site. I got confused when I started an online order so I called. Terry was so helpful and friendly. I felt confident when I got off the phone.


View Product

Thanks Terry - Very Pleased!

Got the logs, everything in order and installed.

Very pleased!


Thanks Felix!

Must tell you that I am overly impressed with the service I received from your super Sales Rep Felix Johnson. I ordered the control Wednesday morning and received it today, Thursday. The control was received in good order and is currently operating perfectly. FYI: Felix was the salesperson in his life prior to Hansen in 1998 that sold us the fan. What a coincidence.

Relay my thanks to him and to you all,

Paul B.

Review Topic - Great Shopping Experience

To Whom it May Concern,

I had never heard of your company before tonight – and that is something I will regret. After the experience I just had with Steve in ordering a set of ceiling fans and my experience with your website, I will be a customer for life with your company and will be recommending you to every person I know. Please see the review I posted to my Facebook as well:

Wow. My faith in American capitalism and greatness has been restored a little tonight. If you ever need to buy any lighting fixture, ceiling fan, etc. I HIGHLY recommend Hansen Wholesale. This company is incredible for so many reasons:

  1. They have a very clear and understandable disclaimer on their website explaining the nightmare of the lightning situation created by the EPA. Include is simple, straightforward explanations for what every customer needs to know to make the right purchase that fits their needs.
  2. Their prices are as good or better than the competition found elsewhere. I needed to get a question answered, so I called them at about 8:50pm EST:
  3. A English speaking american answered the phone. No automated teller. No automated or voice directed sub directories. I call. He answers.
  4. I tell him my question and what I'm ordering. In less than 30 seconds he has my order ready, gives me an estimated delivery time and the right price. He is friendly, personable (asked if I was related to Don Sutton), but doesn't waste my time with a ton of stupid information/banter or additional sales pitches for stuff I'm not interested in.
  5. in less than 5 minutes my order is done and we hang up.
  6. I realize a minute after my order, that I screwed up my order with the wrong number of the different fans. I call back quickly. He answers. I tell him my mistake and what I meant to do. He says "No problem. I'll fix it. No need to waste your time on the phone. It'll be taken care of."

OH. MY. GOSH. I cannot remember the last time I had that kind of quality sales service - ANYWHERE - let alone over the phone. Shopping for ceiling fans had put me in a foul mood and this dude and this company change it from one of my most hated experiences to one of the best ever. Thank you Steve at Hansen Wholesales. You have my business for life!


Review Topic -Thanks Terry

Thanks, Terry.

Thank You very much Terry for all of your help. You made me aware of the danger of installing a vent less by looking up my owners manual..... Nobody else did their due diligence to care enough. Tell your boss that what ever he is paying you is not enough!

Best Regards, Mike

Review Topic -Thanks for your help

Hello, Terry.

Just wanted to let you know I received the log set Wed Dec 9th, 2 days EARLIER than you anticipated. I installed it yesterday with no problems and it works great. Thanks for all of you're help and follow up. Great customer service is hard to come by and much appreciated.

Thanks again, Bob

Review Topic - Customer Service

Dear Friends;

My wife and I decided to renovate the wrap around front porch on our Queen Ann Victorian home built in 1893. We fell in love with the Brewmaster fans which reflected the time period when the home was built. After purchasing the fans in August of 2014 the project was delaying because of winter. This fall the project was being completed and it was time to install the Brewmaster fans. I wanted to confirm the application I had planned for the Brewmaster fans with Fanimation just to be sure.

Fanimation’s Technical Support representative Logan Willman quickly researched the issue and quickly determined that the application I had planned could potentially be a problem. In an abundance of caution Logan recommended that I not install these fans as planned. Logan offered an alternative solution however the entire porch ceiling had been completed which made this option too expensive. Logan understood and suggested I call the distributor to see what they can do. Logan said that he would make sure the problem gets resolved which he did.

Hansen Wholesale’s Customer Services Supervisor Christina Samora was also exceptional when after hearing my problem offered that Hansen Wholesale would gladly accept a return of the fans since they were new “even though the purchase was over a year ago”. Christina issued a Return Authorization and even sent prepaid FedEx shipping labels for the returned items! Christina shared with me that the goal at Hansen Wholesale is to make sure all of their customers are taken care of.

I am writing to express my appreciation to Logan Willman and Christina Samora for the incredible experienced it has been working with them and the companies they represent. You have created a customer for life!



Review Topic - Problem Solving & Customer Service

Thank you so much. The best customer service ever!! I am definitely ordering more items for our remodel. You all are the best, including Andrew. Couldn't have asked for more.


Review Topic - Problem Solving & Customer Service

Thank you Eddy.

I want to express how impressed I have been with Hansen and the customer support I have had with you and the company. I work in the education service industry and coming across good service these days is unfortunately rare. You have made my buying experience so pleasurable and easy. You stand behind the products you sell. Your provide prompt and good service. Your attention to detail with my questions and concerns has been great and allowed for quick response to my request. You deal with the issue and resolve it promptly at the satisfaction of the customer. You also took extra time and made extra efforts to provide us with replacement blades for the fan we purchased. We have communicated by email and by phone and you have done a great job listening and servicing. In all, prior to the purchase to now, almost a year later after the purchase, you have valued me as a customer and I really appreciate that. Thank you for your great customer support.

Please forward this on to your supervisor or let me have his/her contact information. They deserve to know how well you are doing with customers.


Review Topic - Terry Barnett

Dear Terry,

I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for your excellent customer service. You were most patient and helpful in assisting me in regards to which oscillating wall mount fan to purchase based on my specific needs. Once my order was placed you worked closely with Matthews Fan company to insure that I would receive the fan prior to the 4th of July holidays. Matthew's failed to process the order as specified and you were most accommodating to insure that the fan would arrive on time----which it did! To accomplish that feat you absorbed the additional express shipping fees which should have been covered by Matthews, since they made the mistake.

The fan is now installed and works beautifully. It is quiet and provides excellent air flow coverage for the kitchen.

Terry, I am most thankful for your expertise and your willingness to effectively problem solve. Hansen Wholesale is most fortunate to have you as an employee that goes above and beyond to meet customer satisfaction. Rest assured I will be a repeat customer!


Review Topic - Terry Barnett

Hi (Terry),

I just wanted to send a note and say thank you for your customer service and honesty. I just wanted to send a note and say thank you for your customer service and honesty. In today's world one doesn't often see these qualities. You've made a customer for life. Ha!


Review Topic - Fast and Easy Service


I can't believe this, but the fan showed up today (just as the electrician was finishing up his preparation) and now I'm on the couch enjoying the refreshing breezes. I never expected the fan would get here in time, but it did. And the two blades do put out plenty of air, just as you said they would. Thanks for all your help in answering my questions and making this an easy transaction.


Review Topic - Fan Looks Fantastic


I just wanted to thank you for your help. The fan arrived super fast, was exactly what we ordered, is now installed and looks fantastic.


Review Topic - Fan Looks Fantastic

Thank you so much Erick!

That made shopping for ceiling fans so easy. I thought that would be my least favorite thing to do during home remodeling. :)


Review Topic - Jazzed


So jazzed! Tell terry a HUGE thank you for me! Do you want me to Yelp or otherwise review you anywhere? As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Best wishes

Review Topic - Gas Logs


The fireplace now looks amazing-I spoke to the technician after I talked to you and from your advice and his I sorted everything and all is well-thanks so much and have a great holiday. BTW-with your help, the website, and some courage on my part I saved about $1000 by buying and installing as I did vs paying a service/store to take care of everything for me :)))


Review Topic - Super Customer Service

Email thread from our Customer Service department regarding a defective product (most recent email first).


Thank you for your fast response. Will do. I myself have been in customer service for years and is really nice finding a company with super customer service. Anything I need in the future or if family or friends need anything, will pass the info on to check what you have.



Apologies for the inconvenience, you can trash the defective item once you have received your replacement. We have processed a no charge order SOXXXXXX a sales order has been emailed to you for your records and when item ships out tracking will also be emailed have a great day J



After all this time I have finally wired for this new light. Upon finishing the install the lights did turn, (yeah!) with the light switch and then they stopped working after a few minutes. I have checked every connection and also wired into this ceiling box a different light for another room and it works so there is power at the ceiling box. Since the lights did light up and then stopped I am thinking this may be a faulty transformer. Especially after I took it down and made sure to test if it was not a bad switch. Please advise how to return this defective unit for a replacement.


Review Topic - After Pictures


Hi: I am sending you these pictures of my installed log set as you requested to receive my $25.00 refund. The set looks very nice as you can see, The installation went well and they heat better than expected !! My experience with Hansen Wholesale has been a pleasure and hope to do business in the future. Thank You !

Thank You!

Review Topic - Room Settings Viewer

Thank you for adding my room. It really is a great feature that you offer your customers.

Sent from my iPhone

Review Topic - Defective Product Replacement


Thanks for the expeditious handling of this request! Dealing with your company and staff is truly a pleasure.


Review Topic - Excellent Website Content

Thank you, Sandy.

BTW. In researching fans, I found your website to be the most informative. Let whoever is working on the content know that I appreciated their work.


Review Topic - Order Cancellation

I was so impressed with the service you provided. Thank you very much. Although I had to cancel this order, I shall certainly remember your company and would highly recommend it. Top customer service employees.


Review Topic - Customer Service

You are awesome Christina - thank you for the great customer service! Take care,


Review Topic - Thank you

Ms. Nuziard: Thank you very much. Throughout this process, from beginning to end, Hansen Wholesale has been extremely helpful, professional, and accommodating. I want to single out both Christina Samora and Felix (never got his last name) for special praise.



Review Topic - Terrific Website & Customer Service

Thank you, Jeff. Your website and customer service is really terrific. I will pass it on to my friends.


Review Topic - Defective Product Replacement

Thank you to each of you for your help in sending out a replacement log. We moved within the last year and have done some extensive remodeling etc., and by far you two are organized and very responsive to customer service in relation to other companies that don't seem to care. Really appreciate your wanting to "make it right".



Review Topic - Outstanding Service

Thanks for assisting me with the fans.. They look awesome!

Service was outstanding. Will never go back to LampsPLus


Review Topic - Terry Barnett


Thank you so much for your excellent level of service, professionalism and the personal touch. I feel great about my purchase (finally) because you obviously were really interested in helping me find just the right fan. Your company has a top notch representative in you.

Thanks again!!

Review Topic - Prompt Attention

Received the order this past Tuesday. Exactly as described and in perfect condition when received. Thanks for the prompt attention to the order. Feel free to use these positive comments in any manner you wish.


Review Topic - Gas Logs

Last week we received our 24" log set (vented). The product arrived in perfect shape, and the instructions were simple and easy to follow. Installation took all of 30 minutes, and the fire burns beautifully. Can you get us some more cold weather?

J. L.
Shoreacres, Texas

Review Topic - Excellent Service

To Felix Johnson

Hi There!

I just wanted to thank you for such excellent service, and the great quality products you recently sold to me! I am thrilled with how easily and quickly this order went through. We will definitely use you again in the future. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!


Review Topic - Add Your Review

Get your testimonial posted here! Email your experience to:

Hansen Wholesale Amazon Reviews

If you are looking for customer feedback or customer reviews for Hansen Wholesale, please refer to our Reseller Feedback on Amazon. We do not currently have a system in place for reviews or customer feedback to be published directly on our website, although we appreciate any feedback you want to send us directly (email As a respected reseller on Amazon for many years, the feedback we get from customers who have purchased from us through Amazon is a "non-biased" representation of how we treat our customers.

Hansen Wholesale Amazon Feedback History (As of 6/16/2015):

Hansen Wholesale Customer Feedback is Bogus and Uses Extortion

If you Google "Reviews" for many companies, including Hansen Wholesale, you will likely find the website It is important to know that ResellerRatings is an unethical website that publishes bogus review data. Anyone can post a review at and they will publish it whether or not it has been authenticated. It is quite easy to post a negative review of a competitor simply to make them look bad. Reseller Ratings can even post bogus reviews just to make a company consider using their service. When negative reviews are published, Reseller Ratings may contact the company being reviewed via email and attempt to get them to sign up for thier service that comes with a high monthly fee. If you sign up and pay the fee, you can use their service to garner positive reviews and to suppress or remove the negatives. You can also communicate with reviewers to try and get them to change their reviews. If you refuse to pay, you cannot suppress the negative reviews and it is unlikely you will gain very many positive reviews since you cannot solicite them as those who join can. We consider this practice to be extortion!

Below you will find a report that shows how some very popular websites rank at including us and some of our competitors. These are listed in ranking order from worst to best. Notice how most of the sites that are not paying for their service have extremely low ratings...mostly just one star. It is obvious that the ratings and reviews are manipulated based on whether or not you pay. Look at the difference between Home Depot, who pays for the service and Lowe's, who does not, or and Select Blinds.

Reseller Ratings Bogus Report Dated: 6/16/2015

Company Name Pays for Reviews Rating Total Reviews
Keurig NO (0.01) 2
Leslies Pool Supplies NO (0.01) 2
Living Spaces NO (0.01) 1
Ashleys Furniture NO (0.01) 20
ATG Stores NO (0.03) 29
Ace Hardware Superstore NO (0.04) 87
1-800-Flowers NO (0.05) 629
Sports Authority NO (0.05) 46
Nike NO (0.06) 31
Restoration Hardware NO (0.07) 27
Dell NO (0.1) 1554
Williams Sonoma NO (0.13) 17
Google Play Store NO (0.2) 7
West Elm NO (0.23) 18
Woodland Direct NO (0.28) 683
DelMar Fans NO (0.38) 3
Lowes NO (0.4) 103
Sears NO (0.44) 632
Rugs Direct NO (0.58) 13
Office Depot NO (0.69) 285
Best Buy NO (1.03) 1286
eBay NO (1.17) 345
Dicks Sporting Goods NO (1.5) 125
Hansen Wholesale NO (1.64) 24
Walmart NO (1.72) 435 NO (1.93) 57
Macys NO (2.95) 185
Nordstrom NO (3.14) 45
FrontGate NO (3.17) 19
Costco NO (3.23) 137
FootLocker NO (3.52) 70
Pottery Barn NO (3.98) 29 NO (4.35) 775
Lighting Universe NO (4.84) 167
Amazon NO (6.07) 2817
Apple Store NO (6.28) 151
Golfsmith NO (6.28) 27
Rugs USA YES (7.98) 22076
Target YES (8.28) 5655
Home Depot YES (8.28) 1707
Wayfair YES (8.99) 57713
Select Blinds YES (9.17) 10231
Newegg YES (9.58) 42716
Avas Flowers YES (9.62) 8918 YES (9.66) 9697
Smart Hardware YES (10) 15
how companies in our sector. This is unfortunate, because Reseller Ratings is a scam and, unless you pay them a small fortune to use their service, they become a repository for negative reviews. If you pay them for their service, you can actually have the negative reviews suppressed or even removed and replaced by positive reviews, which you can pay for.

We refuse to play this game and therefore accept the fact that is going to make us look bad.

For those of you who found the negative reviews for Hansen Wholesale on, I urge you to take a quick look at our Reseller Feedback on Amazon.