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R. H. Peterson Gas Burning River Rocks with Glass. The best looking gas fire with natural looking river rocks by Real Fyre

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All Geo Shape and River Rock Fires!

Gas Burning River Rocks

All Geo Shape and River Rock fires are custom configured. Please call for pricing and ordering.


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Pictured above: Peterson Gas Burning River Rocks with Glass.

Gas Burning River Rocks

Gas Burning Geo Shapes

Gas Burning Glass

River Rocks: River rocks are also made of the same material Peterson uses to make their gas logs. They are sold in sets of 10 assorted rocks for $99.00

Geoshapes: Optional Geometric Shapes can be purchased and used in combination with burning glass...or in a bed of sand without glass. They are made from the same material as Peterson Gas Logs, so they are both interesting and durable. Most shapes are sold in pairs and are available in Ivory, Slate or Terracotta color. Here are pictures of the optional shapes:

Call for pricing of shapes

About Peterson Burning Glass: What makes glass fires so interesting and impressive is not just the glass, but how the fire burns up through it. So the burner system used to create the effect is of utmost importance. Although Peterson did not come up with the original idea of burning glass in a fireplace, they have been making gas burners for fireplaces longer than any other company, so when they put the task of creating the ultimate glass fire in front of their R&D department, they met the challenge. The result was a new "PB" pan style burner which was specifically designed for creating alluring GLASS fires. This innovative new burner creates ample dancing flames to make your glass shimmer and sparkle the best. It works well in single sided as well as multi-sided or see-thru fireplaces.

Shown above: PG Glass Burner with SPK Manual Safety Pilot

Installation Manuals:
PB Glass Burner Installation Manual - Match Light (.pdf 189.98 KB)
PB Glass Burner Installation Manual - Safety Pilots Options (.pdf 758.71 KB)
G45 Stainless Steel Glass Burner Installation Manual - All types (.pdf 317.41 KB)

Convenient Control Options: Peterson has more control options to choose from to make burning your glass fire more convenient and enjoyable. Refer to the table below for pricing and sizes for these options.

  • No Safety Pilot - Match Light Control (Natural Gas Only)
  • SPK - Manual safety pilot
  • APK-11 - On/Off remote controlled safety pilot
  • APK-17 - Variable flame remote safety pilot
  • EPK-01 - Electronic ignition with On/Off remote (pilotless)

PB Burner Includes:

  • Burner Assembly
  • Connector Kit
  • Damper Clamp
  • Pre-assembled Control Valve (ANSI burners only)
  • Regulator (ANSI burners only)
  • Glass or Shapes sold separately
  • Remote systems include basic transmitter & receiver
  • Remote controls w/timer and thermostat are optional and extra

Minimum Fireplace Dimensions

A. Minumum Center Width = Call for Details
B. Minimum fireplace depth = Call for Details


*Free Shipping applies to orders shipped in the Contiguous USA by standard Fed-Ex ground.

How to order: Since we customize each of the burning glass sets to fit your needs, you will need to call us to place your order. The prices below are for your reference and show the 15% discount that you are entitled to. All systems are assumed to be for Natural Gas unless Propane is specified. For Liquid Propane add a "P" to the end of any burner burner model. ANSI approved sets are the same price for Propane as they are for Natural Gas. RADCO approved burners require the addition of an SPK pilot system. G45-GL burner systems for indoors and G45-SS Stainless steel burners for use outdoors are also available for both standard and see-through fireplaces (call for prices).

The glass is sold separately from the burner. The table below has the recommended amount of glass for each burner size. This amount should be sufficient to cover the burner as well and all or most of the fireplace bottom. You may also want to buy a bag or two of the Black Lava Fire Granules to spread around the glass for a different look. Although we find that the recommended amount of glass is usually sufficient, you can always order additional glass or lava granules if you need more, although free shipping will not apply to individual bags of glass ordered after the fact.

Since we customize all glass fires to fit your needs, all prices are quoted over the phone