Video of Peterson SG45-24 Split Oak 24" Logs with G45 Burner.

Gas Logs Model SG46-24SPKP

R. H. Peterson 24" Split Oak Real Fyre Gas Logs with G46 Burner Kit and Manual Pilot - Non Remote Ignition System for Vented Wood Burning Fireplaces retrofitted with Liquid Propane. The Real Fyre Split gas logs were one of the first gas logs on the market that look like oak logs that have been split with an axe. These are one of the most popular gas logs today.. Most of our log sets are pictured in either 18" or 24" size. The number of logs may vary based on the size you choose.

IMPORTANT INFO: This is a vented gas log burner system designed to be installed in a wood burning fireplace retrofitted with Liquid Propane and burned with the damper open. You cannot install this gas log set in a ventless firebox, type-b vent (natural vent) gas fireplace or direct vent gas fireplace or any gas or wood burning stove. It burns Liquid Propane . To make sure you have the right type of fireplace to install this gas log, please read this page: Where can gas logs be installed?

The Real Fyre Split gas logs were one of the first gas logs on the market that look like oak logs that have been split with an axe. These are one of the most popular gas logs today.


All R. H. Peterson Gas Logs and Burner Systems are Proudly Hand Crafted in the USA!

Split Oak (Vented)

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G46-24SPKP Burner
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Split Oak (Vented)

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What's Included with SG46-24SPKP Gas Logs?

Includes G46-24SPKP Burner Kit
24" Liquid Propane Burner

Advantage Style Burner with SPK-P Manual Safety Pilot (Cannot be operated by remote control).

Includes Manual Pilot - Non Remote Ignition System
Includes Manual Pilot - Non Remote Control

Your G46-24SPKP Vented Burner Kit Includes:

  • G46 Burner Pan for Liquid Propane
  • On/Off Control
  • High grade vermiculite
  • Glowing ember material
  • Special bendable connector tube that reduces gas flow noise
  • Solid brass fittings (1 elbow, 1 straight - for easy installation)
  • Standard gas log grate
  • Damper clamp
  • Log retainer clips
  • Individual logs (stack 'em your way!)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Logs!
  • Gas pressure regulator
  • Complete installation and operation instructions
  • Free Technical Support from our gas log experts to help you overcome any difficulties you might have trying to get your gas logs installed properly

Basic Features:

  • System Type:
  • BTUs: 55000
  • Approval: ANSI
  • For Log Size: 24"

Fuel Consumption and Cost to Operate (Liquid Propane):

Calculations based on EIA Nationwide Average cost of propane at $2.54 per gallon as of 1/1/2010 operating on highest setting. This may vary widely in your local area. Use the consumption figures to calculate your actual cost/hour based on the cost of your fuel. Read more about How These Calculations are Performed!

  • Consumption: 0.25 Pounds per Hour
  • Consumption: 0.6 Gallons per Hour
  • Cost to Operate: $1.52 per hour (USA average)

The best "Ceramic" logs you can buy!

(ceramic logs reinforced with steel rods)

The S ceramic logs will "LAST A LIFETIME". They are carefully hand crafted from Peterson's proprietary mixture of clay and reinforced with steel rods to guarantee less chipping and breaking. Because these logs are ceramic, they will radiate more heat into your room and will "Not Crack and Crumble" like other brands made from cement.

Read more about Peterson Gas Logs here!

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Minimum Fireplace Dimensions

Minimum Fireplace Dimensions for Your Currently Selected Log Set Configuration

(W) Minimum Center Width = 27"
D Minimum fireplace depth = 15"

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What Size Gas Logs Should I Buy?

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Every fireplace is different and determining the best size gas logs depends on several factors including the type of control you want, the dimensions of the fireplace and how it is constructed. Our Gas Log Experts know what to look for and will make sure you get the size that looks best and functions properly in your particular fireplace.