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Stone Manufacturing Finishes

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Stone Manufacturing is the only company that makes custom fireplace accessories using 100% virgin solid brass. Items crafted from virgin brass are more costly, but have a depth and luster like fine jewelry that simply cannot be replicated using plated or painted steel. It takes skilled craftsman to work with these materials, which is what sets Stone Manufacturing aside. The finishes below are available on most products. Some are applied to steel or solid brass depending on the item.

Baked Enamel Finish: Stone Manufacturing does not use air dried lacquer coatings like other manufacturers because they discolor from heat are not durable over time. They use their own proprietary enamel coating that is baked on at a high temperature, providing superior durability and resistance to heat. For those who want a brass finish that will produce a natural patina (tarnish) over time, they offer the following finishes on their solid brass products without an enamel coating: Polished Brass, Hand Polished, Antique Brass and Old English. If you wish to polish the brass yourself periodically, order your items in polished or hand polished brass without enamel. Samples are available for purchase (call for details).

GP1 - Flat Black
GP1 - Gloss Black
GP2 - Pewter
GP2 - Natural Iron
GP2 - Oil Rubbed Steel
GP2 - Oil Rub Steel Brown Tones
GP2 - Medieval
GP2 - Hammered Steel
GP2 - Hand Hammered Rustic Swedish
GP2 - Rust
GP3 - Polished Brass
GP3 - Satin Brass
GP4 - Polished Gold
GP4 - French Gold
GP4 - Hand Polished
GP4 - Amber
GP4 - Weathered Brass
GP4 - Antique Brass
GP4 - Aged Brass
GP4 - Old English
GP4 - Oil Rubbed Bronze
GP4 - Statuary Bronze
GP4 - Hardwood Bronze
GP5 - Polished Chrome
GP5 - Polished Nickel
GP5 - Satin Nickel
GP5 - Polished Copper
GP5 - Antique Copper
GP6 - White Bronze
GP6 - Satin Stainless Steel
GP6 - Black Antique Silver
GP6 - Antique Pewter
GP6 - Champagne
GP6 - Brown Antique Silver
GP6 - Light Bronze Patina
GP6 - Burnt Sienna
GP7 - 24K Royal Gold Plate
GP7 - Gold Leaf
GP7 - Distressed Gold Leaf
Wrought Iron Finishes

These finishes are available on most of the hand crafted wrought iron items from Stone Manufacturing. The group numbers are included in the finish description for pricing purposes. For outdoors use either Rust or Natural Iron can be zinc coated (at Group 6 pricing).

Enamel Finishes

These baked on enamel finishes are proprietary formulations made by Stone Manufacturing. These finishes can applied to most items and are durable both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use, the substrate must be solid brass, stainless steel or zinc coated bronze. They are metallic in nature with speckles that reflect differently depending on the lighting sourced. We have photographed them outdoors in direct sunlight and indoors with ambient light so you can see how different they appear. Click on the image for an even larger version.