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Stone Manufacturing
Finishes & Trims

Stone Manufacturing is the only company that makes custom fireplace accessories using 100% virgin solid brass. Items crafted from virgin brass are more costly, but have a depth and luster like fine jewelry that simply cannot be replicated using plated or painted steel. It takes skilled craftsman to work with these materials, which is what sets Stone Manufacturing aside.

Group 1: Steel
High Gloss Black
Group 2: Steel Hand Crafted
Hammered Steel
Hand Hammered Rustic Swedish
Natural Iron
Oil Rubbed Steel
Group 3: Solid Brass
Polished Brass
Satin Brass
Group 4: Solid Brass
Hand Polished
Aged Brass
Antique Brass
French Gold
Hardwood Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Old English
Polished Gold
Statuary Bronze
Weathered Brass
Group 5: Solid Brass
Polished Chrome
Polished Nickel
Satin Nickel
Group 6: Solid Brass
Antique Pewter
Black Antique Silver
Brown Antique Silver
Burnt Sienna
Light Bronze Patina
Satin Stainless Steel
White Bronze
Group 7: Solid Brass w/Real Gold
24K Royal Gold Plate
Distressed Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf

Solid Brass Castings

With these solid brass materials, you can use your imagination to create the perfect masterpiece for your fireplace whether it be a glass door or fireplace screen. No other manufacturer in the United States has the skill and craftsmanship required to work with these materials and, because of their complexity and high price, they are sold only through a small number of select authorized dealers.

#20 - Egg & Dart (Old English)

#22 - Laurel Leaf (Antique Brass)

#27 - French (Old English)

#33 - Rope (Black Antique Silver)

#34 - Mini Rope (Bronze Patina)

#35 - Ornate Beaded (Aged Brass)

#44 - Circle Dot (Satin Nickel)

#48 - Floral (Antique Brass)

#52 - Half Oval (Antique Pewter)

#54 - Reed & Ribbon (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

#55 - Flower & Ribbon (Amber)

#36 - Oak Leaf (Hand Polished)

#39 - Wild Flowers (Highlighted Old English)

#42 - Victorian (Brown Antique Silver)

#46 - Tulip (Burnt Sienna)

#51 - Greek Key (Satin Brass & Black)

#66 - Bellini (French Gold)

#88 - Prince of Wales (Ormolu)

#77 - Desert Palms (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

#99 - Wave & Scroll (Old English)

Solid Brass Extrusions

Use these to add additional flare to your fireplace door or create a unique one of a kind fireplace screen.

MCM - Mini Crown Molding - 1 1/4"
MCM - Mini Crown Molding - 1 1/2"
VB - Vanderbuilt - 1 3/16"
Half Round - 1"
Half Round - 1 1/2"
Half Round - 2"
Beveled - 2 3/8"
Beveled - 1 1/8"
Beveled - 7/8"
Bowler's Hat - 3/4"
Dome Top - 1 1/4"
Solid Brass Split Tubes