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Stone Manufacturing - Handles and Feet

These are the handles and feet options for Custom Fireplace Screens from Stone Manufacturing. Most of these are solid brass. Some are steel or wrought iron. The Available Finishes depend on the materials. Please call for details: 1-800-201-1193

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Feet - Angle
Feet - Angle Iron Base
Feet - Ar Sa12
Feet - Ballerina
Feet - Bamboo
Feet - Claw
Feet - Contemporary
Feet - Contemporary Corner Overlay
Feet - Custom Angled
Feet - Custom Bent Rod
Feet - Custom Ec Steel
Feet - Custom Wave
Feet - Feather
Feet - Feather Double
Feet - Flat
Feet - Flat Long
Feet - Flat Stepped
Feet - Flm
Feet - Float
Feet - French
Feet - Leaf Scroll
Feet - Man 10
Feet - Paw
Feet - Pyramid
Feet - Queen Anne
Feet - Reed Ribbon
Feet - Round Flat
Feet - Round Tall
Feet - Scroll Iron
Feet - Square Flat
Feet - Strap
Feet - T4
Feet - Wrought Brass Scroll
Feet - Wrought Iron Rivet
Feet - Wrought Iron Scroll

Screen Handles

Handles - Angle Flat
Handles - Contemporary Corner Overlay
Handles - Custom Simple
Handles - French
Handles - Hammered Rod
Handles - Knob
Handles - Leaf Scroll
Handles - Pyramid
Handles - Queen Anne
Handles - Reed Ribbon
Handles - Square Rod
Handles - Strap
Handles - Wrought Iron
Handles - Wrought Iron Strap

Fireplace Door Handles

These handles are used for glass doors and screen doors and are available in most finishes to match your door.

Square Rod
Plain Rod
Reed & Ribbon
Loop Knot
Wrought Iron